Cutting IT Cost With Lansweeper

Save Costs by Saving Time

Save IT expenses by optimizing time and resources. Instead of wasting valuable hours on mundane tasks, automate inventory management with Lansweeper.

Optimize Your Troubleshooting

Gain comprehensive device details and visual diagrams to expedite troubleshooting. Seamlessly integrate Lansweeper's accurate asset data into your existing tools.

Prioritize Risk Insights

Gain valuable insights on risk, vulnerabilities, and end-of-life information, reducing the need for vulnerability scanners on every device and allocate resources efficiently.

The Need for a Centralized IT Inventory​

When it comes to saving money in IT, you may think of cutting back on equipment or software licenses. However, where you can really save money is time. Your IT team is valuable, and so is their time. Don't have them waste it on meaningless grunt work. Use Lansweeper to:

  • Automatically take inventory your entire IT estate.
  • Eliminate human error.
  • Gain actionable insights in seconds.
  • Generate complete and accurate reports in minutes.
  • Feed always accurate asset data into your IT tools with integrations.

Quick and Easy Troubleshooting Keeps Everything Running Smoothly

The longer it takes to troubleshoot your IT issues, the longer your operations suffer. Good troubleshooting takes time, first to locate the issue, the cause, and anything else that may be impacted, and then to actually fix it.

Lansweeper helps you to drastically speed up your troubleshooting. Each device's asset page not only shows you all the hardware and software information you need but also what other devices it connects to. The automatically generated diagrams show you at a glance how everything is connected and the impact of the issue on your network. If you're going for the gold, integrate Lansweeper's always-accurate asset data into your existing tools.

Scan Far and Wide, for Less

We can give you all these great arguments on why an ITAM tool will help you save money, but what about the cost of Lansweeper itself? If you're looking to get serious about your IT asset management, you've come to the right place. Lansweeper discovers more than other comparable ITAM tools both in range of assets and depth of details. On top of that, it is three times less expensive than our nearest competitors. Lansweeper gives you the best bang for your buck, without compromising on quality, customer service, or your security.

Get Started on Your Cloud Migration

Migrating your IT environment to the cloud may not be the first thing you think of when trying to cut costs. It is a massive project that comes with a lot of challenges. However, once you're there, studies show that an asset in the cloud costs you 10% less than an asset on-prem. Here's how Lansweeper can help:

  • Gain full visibility of your IT estate, on-prem, virtual, and in the cloud, for easy reporting.
  • Perform cloud server scans to avoid underusing or overusing your resources.
  • Scan your performance counters to know what resources your IT estate needs to run smoothly.

Use reports to get specific cloud data instantly and get alerted via email. 

Part of Your First Line of Defense

Cybersecurity continues to be one of the greatest challenges IT professionals deal with. In 2022 global cyber-attacks increased by 38%.  Your vulnerability scanner has become one of the most important IT tools in your arsenal. Lansweeper can't replace your vulnerability scanner, but it can give you valuable insights into your technology estate regarding risk, potential vulnerabilities, and EOL and EOS information without the need to have a vulnerability scanner on each device. Vulnerability scanners can get expensive, so it's important to prioritize the most critical parts of your infrastructure when using them, while Lansweeper keeps an eye on the bulk of your assets. 

No More IT waste

Any large IT shop sees at least 15% IT waste. As your IT estate grows larger and more complicated, so does the challenge of efficiently using all available IT resources. Old hardware is depreciated and forgotten, people lose track of what software licenses and applications they have, and as colleagues come and go, the knowledge of what is used for what is lost. By properly documenting your IT estate and limiting the IT sprawl, Lansweeper helps you save 15% on support costs and more on infrastructure and software savings. 

Platform Overview

Effortlessly Manage Your Technology Assets

We build our platform with IT Professionals in mind to give you granular visibility across your IT, OT, and IoT estate.

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