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Strengthen your Cybersecurity Posture for 2022 with Lansweeper’s Partner Ecosystem

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By Lucia Dochita

If we’ve learned anything during the pandemic about cybersecurity, we now know that a proactive stance against cybercrime is the only way to prevent it. In 2021, there have been around 1,300 breaches in 2021 so far, and malicious emails have increased by 600%. A ransomware attack happens every 11 seconds, and 37% of organizations were hit in 2020. Payouts can cost up to $40 million, with the average payout standing at $200,000

As we move into 2022, cybercriminals aren’t likely to let up. As most businesses adjust to a hybrid workplace, IT organizations struggle to keep track of the growing IT estate, and the vulnerabilities resulting from employees accessing corporate resources remotely over potentially unsecured devices. To complicate things further, as business initiatives such as digital transformation and mobility continue to build momentum, there are exponentially more devices, software, and configurations to track, manage and protect.

As organizations look for ways to address these challenges, the cybersecurity market expands, providing access to a plethora of new cyber solutions designed to minimize risk. More than 3,500 vendors offer cybersecurity solutions. Deciding which ones to implement — and what combinations of solutions are the ideal mix for your organization — can be overwhelming. 

Fortunately, a solid cybersecurity strategy begins with knowing your IT — and because Lansweeper partners with leading cybersecurity solution providers, your choices just got easier. 

Lansweeper Data Fuels Market-Leading Cybersecurity Solutions

Lansweeper customers have access to our vast ecosystem of Channel partners, OEM solutions, and integrations. These cybersecurity experts leverage the rich device data our platform gathers from your IT infrastructure to build some of the most advanced cyber security solutions on the market:

  • Our OEM partners use Lansweeper to drive the development of cutting-edge cybersecurity products, and deliver revolutionary solutions to the market faster. 
  • Our integration partners benefit from complete and accurate IT asset data at all times by connecting their solutions via API to the Lansweeper platform, eliminating data silos. By tapping into a single source of truth, your CMDB, ITSM, and other mission-critical enterprise applications are always accurate and more reliable.

​​When we introduce them to Lansweeper, our clients immediately see the value.Not only do they suddenly gain access to a complete and accurate IT asset inventory for effective ITAM, they can cross-reference Lansweeper’s data in their ticketing systems via APIs to accelerate ticket resolution.

Martin Dubreuil Martin Dubreuil, Director Business Services, B2B Cyber Secure.

Another example is ArcusTeam. They have integrated Device Total, their Saas-based precognitive attack surface management solution, with Lansweeper to make it fast and easy for customers to upload their IT asset data into the tool. Lansweeper connects to Device Total via API, and instantly and automatically uploads up-to-the-minute data, with no manual intervention.

​​The world is acquiring a vast magnitude of connected devices and have no knowledge about how those devices impact their network. With asset data from Lansweeper, they can quickly assess vulnerabilities, and take immediate action to mitigate risk within Device Total.

Dr. Carmit Yadin Dr. Carmit Yadin, CEO ArcusTeam

It comes down to this: the first step to protecting your infrastructure is knowing what’s connected to it — from servers and routers to personal devices and software, to rogue devices and shadow IT. That’s why creating a complete and accurate hardware and software asset inventory is the starting point for compliance with any of the IT governance frameworks, including CIS, COBIT, ITIL, and ISO — and a rock-solid cybersecurity strategy. When solution providers have this data, they can deliver powerful solutions that help protect organizations from an attack. What’s more, because Lansweeper saves our partners time and resources by eliminating the enormous manual process of IT asset discovery and recognition, they can bring solutions with advanced capabilities to market faster, at significantly less cost.

Be Cyber Strong in the New Year

Start 2022 off right with a solid cybersecurity strategy that covers all the bases. Learn more about Lansweeper for Cybersecurity, and check out Lansweeper’s Cybersecurity expert partners to learn how Lansweeper is fueling the most cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions on the market today.


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