Innovate, Scale, and Get to Market Faster

Get to market faster by having a real-time view of your entire connected IT asset estate. Build smarter solutions on established OEM technology.

Build on Proven Technology

Lansweeper's OEM offering empowers companies to create valuable solutions without resorting to costly and lengthy development cycles. Our OEM Technology Alliance program provides your company the chance to focus on your core product while still moving quickly with innovation. In the end, there's one main beneficiary of a new and improved solution: the end-user.

Easily Integrate with your Application

When you OEM with us, you choose which intellectual properties you need from both Lansweeper and Fing. By leveraging our proven technologies and areas of expertise you reduce costs and resources allowing you to focus on your core business, no more lengthy development cycles! 

Lansweeper powered by Fing uses big data and machine intelligence applied to its proprietary algorithms to identifycategorize and profile devices. Our enterprise OEM solutions are available to several sectors (cyber security, hardware manufacture, telecom, system & software integrator, insurance) that are part of the same ecosystem, the network.

OEM Solutions Across 3 Distinct Categories

Designed for your Product's Success


Discover & Recognize all IT Assets on the network.


Understanding & Analyzing the world of connected devices, software, and users.

White-label Product

Plug-and-Play components from our consumer offering.

OEM Success Stories

Designed for your Product's Success

Using Device Identification & Classification Engine

Avira’s mission is to protect people in the connected world. The Avira Product Team required precise device identification capabilities to enhance the Home Guard app and secure router Safe Things.

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Device Recognition know-how is available to developers through different tools for any specific business requirements such as performance, security and isolation.

Whether you're a startup or a global enterprise, you can integrate our technology to profile your customers’ needs. Download the right library for your platform.

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Innovate, Scale, and Get to Market Faster

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