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The Lansweeper Integration Partner Program is for partners who create solutions that integrate with or run on the Lansweeper Platform.

Why partner up with Lansweeper?


We believe that the best solutions are the result of collaboration and so we have built an Integration Partner Program to make it easy to work and innovate with us. Our Integration Partner Program provides you with access to all the information, training, and tools to make partnering with us as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Customer Value

Always having accurate & up-to-date information available on the IT Estate of a customer, allows you to provide more value to your customers. Let Lansweeper focus on getting a reliable IT Inventory, so you can add value on top of this data. Join our Integration Partner Program, and work with us to create the best solutions for your customers.


Lansweeper is an IT Asset Data platform, the discovery engine from which all IT inventory data can synchronise. Use Lansweeper's API to build your app or integration, importing your customers IT assets and configuration items to your CMDBs, security systems, configuration management and many other solutions.


Certified apps and integrations build customer trust, let Lansweeper support you on your journey to having your product tested and verified. Use the Lansweeper Certified badge to show your customers that you are a trusted Lansweeper Integration Partner.

Integration Partner Program Overview

Integration Partners who join our program will enjoy benefits like access to Lansweeper Development teams and Roadmaps, technical enablement, training, certification, support, marketing resources, and additional sales platforms.

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