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Lansweeper Integrates with Noetic Cyber™ to Enable Thorough and Reliable Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management

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By Clemence Segaud
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As businesses continue to integrate more technology into their operations – from cloud computing to Internet of Things (IoT) devices – the complexity and breadth of their digital ecosystems grow. Modern IT environments are vast and often dispersed, encompassing on-premises systems, cloud platforms, mobile and IoT devices, each providing potential entry points for cyberattacks.

The consequences of a breach are severe: financial losses, reputational damage, operational disruptions, and legal issues can result from a single exposure of sensitive customer information.

Given that the cost of Cybercrime is expected to grow by 15% YoY to reach $10.5 trillion by 2025, it’s clear that managing the attack surface is not just a protective measure but an essential strategy for businesses today.

To that end, Noetic Cyber™, a market leader and innovator in Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM), empowers security teams to see, understand, and optimize their cybersecurity posture. By aggregating data from multiple sources, the Noetic platform is used by organizations across multiple industry sectors including Energy, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications and more, to gain a 360-degree view into asset exposure and cyber risk across complex cloud and on-premises environments. 

Through a recent integration with Lansweeper, Noetic now enables clients to maintain a complete and accurate technology asset inventory, so they can better identify and prioritize security risks within their environments.

A Customer-Driven Integration

After receiving numerous requests for a Lansweeper integration from clients, Noetic reached out to a Lansweeper product manager they knew from past work to kick off a new integration project. They quickly connected with the necessary people and began developing the integration immediately. 

According to Noetic Field CTO, Craig Roberts, one of the highlights of collaborating with the Lansweeper team was the availability of demo data, who added that many integration partners provide a system for the demo, but no data. This forces them to use production networks, which is not ideal for security reasons. 

“Having Lansweeper demo data available meant we could start building on day one, and Lansweeper’s documentation was excellent, as well,” Robers said. “We built the integration within a week, which is impressively fast, particularly in evaluation scenarios.”

Lansweeper is now a crucial component within Noetic’s security tooling ecosystem, enhancing visibility into cybersecurity risks and challenges. 

Fast, Reliable Access to Accurate Asset Data

Using advanced deep scanning technology and credential-free device recognition (CDR), Lansweeper seamlessly collects granular details on every technology asset in an organization’s network. It leverages a range of protocols such as SNMP, WMI, SSH and more, to identify and record all hardware and software components within an organization’s IT infrastructure, including computers, servers, printers, switches, and other network-connected devices. This eliminates the need for Noetic customers to manually input asset data – a time-consuming, error-prone process.

By performing regular, thorough scans, Lansweeper provides a real-time inventory of IT assets and also gathers important data like configuration specifics, installed software and hardware specifications, enabling IT teams to gain complete visibility and maintain an accurate and up-to-date view of their technology landscape.

Using Lansweeper’s APIs, the Noetic platform extracts all of this detailed asset data and aggregates it alongside other datasets to create a comprehensive knowledge graph. These insights are essential for understanding and managing the security landscape effectively.

The user experience is seamless, as well: Noetic’s customers simply generate an API key in their Lansweeper instance, input it into Noetic, and connect with Lansweeper to access the data in minutes.

“The Noetic platform integrates data from multiple sources, including Lansweeper, providing valuable insights and revealing coverage gaps, for example, identifying machines where an EDR agent might be missing,” Roberts said. “With this information, our clients can answer complex questions about their IT environments, pinpoint weaknesses and prioritize which vulnerabilities to remediate first.”

Better Together

While Noetic offers upwards of 120 different integrations, Roberts said that the Lansweeper integration provides a competitive advantage for customers seeking enhanced visibility and automation. 

“Lansweeper allows us to address some fundamental challenges, such as the ‘unknown unknowns,’” he said. “For instance, if a device appears on a network without any other traceable information within the environment, Lansweeper’s active scanning capability can uncover and provide insights about that device. This capability is a great win for us, as it helps us respond to critical questions effectively.”

Our integration with Noetic Cyber is just one way we fit seamlessly into our customer’s tech stack. Browse our integrations, and learn more about our partnership with Noetic Cyber today.


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