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4me Integration

Import your assets and Configuration Items (CIs) from Lansweeper to the 4me Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Decide what attributes and assets to include and automatically update CIs each time a Lansweeper audit takes place.

Enhancing the 4me Service Catalog

The discovery of IT assets and their categorization as Products within 4me, enhances the breadth to which services can be compiled into the Service Catalog. This level of detail means the IT services can range from Personal Computing and Desktop Support through Network Printing to Communications and Access. The Service Owners will also be able to segment these services further by utilizing asset details to establish instances and offerings within the 4me Service Catalogue. In turn, this will aid the personalization of service entitlements to make the use of 4me self-service relevant to the end-user.

Key Integration Features

IT Asset Discovery
Once devices are discovered, Lansweeper also tracks changes when a device has been updated or removed, in order to keep the 4me CMDB current. 4me specialists and service owners will be able to use the asset URLs to access the full asset record for further information.

Increased Reporting
The discovered information now held in 4me will be available through every service process to identify trends in incident management, emerging known errors, create problem groups, and prompt change management. For Service Owners and Managers, having a complete CMDB will provide a significant capability to extend 4me reporting across hardware providers and their SLA achievement, into supporting refreshes, business case creation and so much more.

Speeding Support and Service Automation
The more 4me knows about the assets within a service, the greater the ability it has to automate elements such as categorization and assignment.


Lansweeper Cloud and 4me.




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