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Update to Lansweeper 5.1 for access to over 40 NEW features

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By Lansweeper
This blog post is outdated. Looking for the latest version of Lansweeper? You can check out this page for the full length Lansweeper software demo video’s.  Lansweeper 5.1 has now officially been released. This update includes over 40 new features and is, like any other update, FREE to current Lansweeper license holders. Don’t own a license yet? You can purchase one through our online store. You can find the 5.1 installer on our download page. Update instructions can be found on page 176 and beyond of our online documentation.

Most important new features

  • CMDB: link assets to other assets or users and define the asset/user relationship. E.g.: user A owns asset A.
  • Mass edit assets: click the Assets link at the top of the web console, select assets and hit Mass Change. Or click Editing Mode and type values into the page.
  • Import assets from CSV file: import assets from a CSV file under Configuration/Scanning Setup/ Database Scripts.
  • Place assets on a map: click the Assets link, hit New Location, upload a blueprint of your office and place assets on it.
  • Schedule group/type scans: rescan asset types (e.g. printers) or custom asset groups you’ve created every X minutes or hours.
  • Additional Active Directory information: 5.1 scans additional AD user attributes, user pictures, user group memberships and manager/direct report relations.
  • Set custom field types: turn a custom field into a combobox, date or other type of field to ensure consistency upon data entry.
  • Detailed uptime calendars: new, detailed uptime calendars are available in the Summary tab of Windows computer webpages.
  • Support for SNMPv3: SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 were already supported, but Lansweeper 5.1 adds support for SNMPv3.
  • Monitor assets: monitors are automatically scanned as new assets and linked to the Windows computers they’re connected to. (These monitor assets do not count towards your licensed asset limit, if you have one.)
  • Migrate from SQL Compact to SQL Server: we added a tool that allows you to migrate SQL Compact databases to SQL Server, which allows for bigger database files.
  • Database maintenance tool: back up, shrink or repair your SQL Compact databases using our new maintenance tool.
  • Windows rename detection: Lansweeper 5.1 can detect Windows computer name changes by identifying machines based on model, serial number and MAC address. The computer name is automatically updated on the asset page and the old name is added to the computer’s Comments field.
  • Support for scanning Windows 8.1 and Windows 2012 R2.
  • Reworked credentials mapping screen.
  • Create and print QR codes for assets.
  • UPS SNMP discovery.
  • Add your own asset states to the built-in list of Active, Non-Active, Stock…
  • Manually submit/edit an asset’s MAC address on its Lansweeper webpage.
  • Added scanning of share NTFS permissions.
  • Manually add the labels/port names of a switch.
  • Cleanup options now affect all assets, not just Windows computers.
  • On demand scanning: insert IP addresses, IP ranges, hostnames into a textbox and hit Scan Now.
  • Optionally scan existing devices (printers, switches, …) on DNS name instead of IP address.
  • Optional recurring IP Address Range Scanning every XX minutes or hours.
  • Scanning of hard disk firmware revision, serial number and S.M.A.R.T. status.
  • LsPush can now scan files and registry keys when used offline. Files.tsv and registry.tsv (tab separated) must be placed in the same folder as LsPush.
  • LsPush now scans SQL Server and Hyper-V information and all other new 5.1 classes.
  • Alienware warranty scanning.
  • Windows Experience Index scanning.
  • Switch port mapping now keeps a history of the last active device connected to a port even if the device was offline at the time of the last scan.
  • Internet Explorer is automatically added to the Software tab of a Windows computer webpage, even if it is not listed under Add/Remove Programs on the computer.
  • Upload user pictures directly from the web console.
  • Add pictures to assets.
  • Individual user accounts can now be added to web roles.
  • Better detection of anti-virus software such as Windows Defender.
  • SQL Server license compliance reporting.
  • Automatic scanning of SQL Server serial numbers.
  • New custom user action: “User must change password”.
  • New website access roles: “Wake-on-LAN”, “Edit licenses” and “Run database scripts”.
  • Added WMI class Win32_TPM.
  • Added WMI class Win32_EncryptableVolume.
  • Added WMI class Win32_Winsat.
  • Dozens of new reports.

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