Lansweeper now available for download

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By Lansweeper
Lansweeper is now available for download. Update instructions can be found on page 164 and beyond of our online documentation. This update mostly addresses minor bugs, but includes some new features as well:
  •  Software scanning is now supported for Solaris.
  • Better support was added for multicast MAC addresses.
  • Better support was added for detecting Drac and IMM.
  • Event log scans now receive high priority in the scanning queue.
  • We’ve changed the way passwords are validated in the First Run Wizard.
  • FIXED a bug that caused a Windows computer’s IP address not to update if the Rescan Asset button was used.
  • FIXED a problem with incorrect Windows 8 product keys being returned.
  • FIXED a bug that caused the last seen/last tried date not to update during Scheduled Eventlog Scanning.
  • FIXED a reverse lookup problem that occurred when using OpenDNS and IP Address Range Scanning.
  • FIXED a bug that caused Active Scanning not to work if domain controllers were located in an OU with a slash in the name.
  • FIXED a bug that allowed cross-site scripting in the report builder.
  • FIXED a bug that caused report filtering not to work if certain Unicode characters were used.
  • FIXED several small report builder problems.
A complete list of changes can be found in this changelog. Have a question about this update? The Lansweeper support team can be reached at

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