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Lansweeper now available for download

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By Lansweeper
Lansweeper is now available for download. Update instructions can be found in our online documentation. This update mostly addresses minor bugs, but includes some new features as well:
  • Added: Improved AIX support.
  • Added: QR codes are now available in Lansweeper Standard.
  • Added: Scan MAC addresses in AIX and OpenBSD.
  • Added: Sorting of relations on user detail pages.
  • Added: Improved HP-UX support.
  • Added: Linux default gateway scanning.
  • Added: IPv6 support for LsPush scanning agent.
  • Changed: Display tblAssetCustom.Comments field on Windows asset pages even if asset is “not scanned”.
  • Changed: Increased timeout for DRAC scanning.
  • Fixed: Some Red Hat versions are recognized as Xen.
  • Fixed: Computer rename detection doesn’t migrate relations.
  • Fixed: Invalid MAC addresses are scanned with SNMP.
  • Fixed: Unknown toner remaining for Lexmark printers.
  • Fixed: SNMP scanning uses FQDN instead of hostname on Windows computers.
  • Fixed: IE aborts pinging of assets when many assets are selected.
  • Fixed: Search filter on date values gives incorrect results.
  • Fixed: Dell DirectLine warranties are now ignored.
  • Fixed: Rare race condition in IE and Chrome.
  • Fixed: LsPush does not detect IE8-9.
  • Fixed: Exporting a report does not work after sorting on ping column.
  • Fixed: IP Address Range Scanning schedule cosmetic problem in IE.
  • Fixed: Yealink VOIP phones type T26 MAC address support.
  • Fixed: Monitor scanning for Windows 2000 OS.
  • Fixed: Xerox WorkCentre 7855: no hostname in SNMP.
  • Fixed: Duplicate uptime entries when scanning with LsPush.
  • Fixed: Serials incorrect for Acer X193W monitors.
  • Fixed: Monitor scanning: ignore TeamViewer monitor.
  • Fixed: Checksum problem in IE10/11.
  • Installer: Changed security to admins/system for service and IISExpress folder.
A complete list of changes can also be found in this changelog. Have a question about this update? The Lansweeper support team can be reached at

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