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Lansweeper + Devolutions: Simplifies Remote Desktop Management for SysAdmins

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By Clemence Segaud
Devolution and Lansweeper integration

Work environments have transformed in recent years, with more than 70% of companies adopting hybrid work models. And as more companies expand globally and embrace this workplace flexibility, managing IT systems scattered across different locations has become a bit of a puzzle.

Combining Lansweeper & Devolutions

Enter remote desktop management, enabling IT teams to perform maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting from anywhere, anytime. Benefits include efficiency, data security, and cost savings, as it empowers IT staff to respond immediately to IT issues, minimize downtime, and improve business productivity and continuity. Remote desktop management also plays a key role in enforcing security policies and managing vulnerabilities, which is crucial in safeguarding sensitive data against rising cyber threats.

However, effective remote desktop management heavily depends on up-to-date IT asset inventory and accurate data. Knowing precisely what devices, software, and systems are used across an organization allows IT professionals to efficiently manage, troubleshoot, and support these assets remotely. Accurate inventory data ensures remote desktop management tools can correctly identify, access, and apply necessary updates or configurations to each asset, enhancing security, compliance, and operational efficiency. 

That’s why Canadian-based company Devolutions decided to create an integration with Lansweeper, the market’s leading IT asset discovery and inventory platform.

The “Wow” Factor

Devolutions provides best-in-class Privileged Access Management, Password Management, and Remote Connection Management solutions to ALL organizations — including SMBs. The company’s flagship product, Remote Desktop Manager (RDM), is used by over a million IT professionals in 170 countries worldwide, enabling centralized management and connectivity to servers, workstations, and virtual machines across multiple platforms and technologies. 

“Our guiding principles are ‘wow,’ ‘experience,’ and ‘transparency,” said Marc Beausejour, subject matter expert at Devolutions. With a strong presence in Europe and the U.S., the company is expanding rapidly in new markets such as Austria and Switzerland, serving small and medium-sized companies and large enterprise organizations.

Before implementing the Lansweeper integration, Devolutions customers must manually enter or upload IT asset data from various sources, such as spreadsheets or CSV files. “There was no automated way of pulling in the data and no way to ensure data quality or completeness,” Beausejour said. “Many of our clients already used Lansweeper, and we were getting numerous requests for an integration, so we reached out.”

The integration was completed in November 2023, and Devolutions customers can now benefit from the seamless discovery and management of IT assets, enhancing audit and compliance capabilities. 

A Toolbox for SysAdmins

There are three parts to the integration with Lansweeper within Devolutions’ RDM tool: 

  1. Import assets from Lansweeper
    Quickly and easily bring assets from Lansweeper and create connections in RDM.
  2. Lansweeper Synchronizer
    Provides real-time data synchronization from Lansweeper to keep the data updated in RDM
  3. IT Asset Management tab
    An embedded tab that enables users to go to the Lansweeper landing page without leaving RDM.

At the push of a button, Lansweeper’s advanced scanning engine and Credential-Free Device Recognition (CDR) technology work together to seamlessly scan the network and identify and catalog every piece of connected hardware – from workstations and servers to operational technology, IoT devices, and cloud assets. It even identifies and recognizes devices that lack proper encryption and transient rogue devices that momentarily connect to the network and then drops off.

Lansweeper provides extensive metadata for each asset, including device make and model, installed software, user details, vulnerability insights and more. This rich metadata equips IT administrators with the information they need to efficiently oversee and enhance network resources, bolster security and adhere to compliance standards. With this information in RDM, Devolutions customers can perform management tasks quickly and efficiently, confident that they have the most up-to-date IT asset data.

Thanks to Lansweeper’s API, the integration was fast and painless. “We created an extremely intuitive user experience for pulling data from Lansweeper,” Beausejour said. “We take care of all the remote connecting, password vaulting, password injection, credential injection, and all the security of that management within a single pane of glass.”

“We take care of all the remote connecting, password vaulting, password injection, credential injection, and all the security of that management within a single pane of glass.”

Marc Beausejour
Subject Matter Expert at Devolutions

Beausejour said the Lansweeper integration helps to improve data quality, enhancing the value of RDM for Devolutions’ customers. “Think of it as your SysAdmin toolbox,” he said. “The Lansweeper integration makes life easy for users with a one-stop shop for remote connection and password management. Our clients who are using it are just loving it.” 

Lansweeper’s integration with Devolutions is just one of the many ways the Lansweeper platform fits seamlessly into your existing technology stack. Learn more about our available integrations here


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