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IT Heroes

IT Heroes in Action: Working to the Brink of IT Burnout

3 min. read
By Nils Macharis

Why the EMHS IT Team Deserves to Be Named IT Hero of the Year 2021

Lansweeper proudly presents the story of the Endless Mountains Health Systems (EMHS) IT Team. This IT team has what it takes to be recognized as a true IT hero of the sysadmin community. Support this nominee by reading their story and casting your vote before July 26!

Nominee: EMHS IT Team
Organization: Endless Mountains Health Systems
Location: USA

What impact has the EMHS IT Team demonstrated professionally and/or in the community to support this candidacy?

Endless Mountains Health Systems (EMHS) is a small, rural, acute care hospital in Montrose, Pennsylvania, with a 25-bed critical care unit. On-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the EMHS IT Team oversees the hospital network, the off-site electronic health record system, and nearly every piece of equipment in the hospital. With a difficult, high-pressure job, the team is always professional and ready to work whatever hours it takes to keep the facility running correctly.

How has Lansweeper helped in making that impact?

The team sees Lansweeper as a “godsend”. With a large number of devices and people flowing in and out of the hospital each day, inventory is a huge issue. “Lansweeper has saved us on many occasions,” says David Beavers, who nominated the EMHS IT Team. “Just being able to easily look up the last users is enough to make Lansweeper worthwhile.” In addition to facilitating inventory management, Lansweeper has made it much easier for the team to keep the hospital’s network safe and clean.

“Lansweeper has saved us on many occasions. It’s a godsend”

EMHS IT Team, Endless Mountains Health Systems

What was the team’s biggest challenge so far in 2021?

For the EMHS IT Team, being in and out of the office, working in masks, and keeping people connected remotely have been the main issues. Not only was it necessary to ensure the safety of team members and off-site support when they visited the hospital? It became even more critical when entering the patient area to do maintenance.

“We had a switch issue that Cisco people needed to come onsite for. Making sure all the vendors went through the correct Covid protocols – to keep them and everyone else safe – was a fight. A fight that the team won. “We got through unscathed and have kept on truckin’,” says David. Noting that IT burnout has been widespread over the last year and a half, he concludes: “Our team deserves the accolades.”

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About Endless Mountains Health Systems

Endless Mountains Health Systems is a not-for-profit corporation and care hospital in Montrose Pennsylvania. EMHS provides a short procedure unit, emergency services and various ancillary services associated with licensed medical facilities. With 1,000 admissions annually, they are committed to operating and developing a health system with optimum care.

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