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IT Heroes

Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day!

2 min. read
By Nils Macharis

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Today is the day: System Administrator Appreciation Day. It’s all about the heroes without capes who make sure the network is up and running. An entire very tumultuous year you operated behind the curtain, but today you can step out of the shadow. And believe us, there are plenty of reasons why you should appreciate your SysAdmin.

COVID-19 & the sudden shift to remote work has been, without a doubt, the biggest challenge so far in 2020 from an IT perspective. In a very short period of time, IT teams were able to set up a remote architecture that enabled all employees to work from home. They worked through lunches and stayed late to keep their colleagues connected. All that delivered with a smile.

You make things at work, work. You deal with your co-workers, cancel your plans, and skip lunch to solve user-generated problems. You learn every day to keep up with new technologies and increasing IT complexity. You handle security breaches and vulnerabilities. You implement new software without disturbing users. You work by day and patch all night. You’re always on call. You are not a regular human, you are a superhero. To all SysAdmins, IT Pros & IT departments out there: Happy SysAdmin Day!

Vote for your Favorite IT Hero

SysAdmin Day & Lansweeper, talking about a perfect love story ❤️. Lansweeper wants to put the IT Heroes in the spotlight for their dedication & expertise. We received tons of nominations from within the community, all of which were accompanied by amazing and inspiring IT Hero stories.

Celebrating the Heroes of IT

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