Celebrating the Heroes of IT

SysAdmin Day Awards 2021

Each year, leading up to System Administrator Appreciation Day 2021, Lansweeper celebrates the work of system administrators around the world. During the SysAdmin Day Awards, you can nominate a fellow IT pro, yourself, or a whole IT team to get the recognition they deserve, and also receive a charity donation in their name. Who is your sysadmin? Why do they deserve recognition?

What are the SysAdmin Day Awards?

Friday, July the 30th it is System Administrator Appreciation Day, a perfect occasion to acknowledge the work of system administrators everywhere. But we find that one day is simply not enough to celebrate their work. That is why, leading up to this special day, Lansweeper hosts the annual SysAdmin Day Awards. During this event, we invite you to nominate and vote for your IT hero(es). These are people who have reached new heights as system administrators by harnessing the power of IT management. Maybe they overcame a difficult challenge, or maybe they did something exceptional, or maybe they are just always there to help. Heroes come in many shapes and sizes, so do not be afraid to apply!

What's in it for you?

We will be spotlighting both the nominees and the winners during the course of the competition. Your IT hero(es) will get the attention he or she deserves.

Aside from fame and acclaim, the winners also receive a charity donation of 1,500€ in their name. You can choose the charity cause from a list we provide, but if you would like to donate to another charity, let us know! The winning IT heroes also get a Lansweeper SWAG Pack with some goodies, a free Fing Desktop Premium 1-year Subscription, and a unique 3D-printed Trophy made from sustainable materials – which you can show off on all your channels.

Who are we looking for?

Our ITAM 2.0 vision dictates us to always aim for multiple use cases. That is a philosophy we like to carry over to our SysAdmin Day contest. Therefore, we accept many different stories. For instance, do you know somebody who:

  • helped the SysAdmin community in some way?
  • successfully dealt with or mitigated the results of a cyberattack?
  • completed a big project for which he or she deserves recognition?
  • did something against all odds?
  • achieved something special?

Nomination & Voting Procedure

From June 14th till July 2nd, 2021 you can fill in our application form. Details matter to us, so make sure to tell the story as detailed as you can. Inform the person or IT team that you are nominating them and always ask for their permission. And do not forget to communicate to us the charity of your choosing. Because the charities of the winners will receive a donation in your company's name.

What’s Next?
Once the time for sending in applications is over, we take a thorough look at every story and we select the nominees for voting. The voting period starts July 19 and ends July 26 after which we select the winners. On July 30, on System Administrator Appreciation Day, we announce the winners.

Meet Our 2021 Nominees

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Our Favored Charities

IT Heroes of 2020: The IT Team at DTN

System administrators have been confronted with unforeseen challenges, as COVID-19 wreaked havoc in enterprise IT departments across every industry. At Lansweeper, we make it a point to celebrate these IT heroes who exhibit agility and ingenuity, especially in times of crisis, to keep their organizations operational. Out of the six finalists, the IT team at DTN was chosen as the IT Heroes of 2020, a Minnesota-based company that specializes in subscription-based services for the analysis and delivery of real-time weather, agricultural, energy, and commodity market information.