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Meet Lansweeper’s IT Heroes of 2023

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By Nils Macharis

Every year, Lansweeper celebrates the work of rockstar system administrators worldwide in celebration of System Administrator Appreciation Day. We commemorate those rockstar SysAdmins who have reached new heights of excellence through the power of IT asset management. These IT heroes stood out through the fantastic agility and ingenuity they show daily to provide the best services to their colleagues and organizations.

The theme of this year’s IT Hero Awards is versatility. We asked you to tell us how your IT team uses the versatility of Lansweeper to minimize risk, reduce costs or increase efficiency. Lowering costs will surely resonate in the current climate while increasing efficiency appeals to sustainability. The key is to get the most out of the tools you have. Lansweeper is dedicated to giving you a single pane of glass in your technology estate to support a wide range of IT goals and projects.

Let’s take a moment to congratulate and learn more about our 2023 IT Heroes!

3rd Place: Matt Makiya and Ken Wirz at Advanced Health Services

Matt Makiya
Ken Wirz

Advanced Health Services, LLC, an Idaho-based subsidiary of Delta Dental of Idaho, provides IT service and support for organizations in the healthcare industry. Their services include custom web and application development and support, business intelligence and data analytics, cybersecurity program development and management, and IT network and help desk management.

The IT team at Advanced Health Services, consisting of Matt Makiya and Ken Wirz, was nominated by Carol Kaczmarski for the incredible services they provide for the entirety of the Delta Dental Insurance Companies of Idaho and Wyoming. Their work as system administrators ensures that the IT infrastructure is always available and reliable, but they go beyond that. By continuously auditing and enhancing the systems and researching new technologies and industry trends, they led both companies to their first SOC2 certification.

Thanks to Lansweeper and its complete and accurate asset data, Ken and Matt can minimize risk and remain compliant and ready for security audits. It helps to pinpoint asset ownership for offboarding, as well as assets approaching their EOL.  It also helps to find vulnerable devices to implement improvements quickly and seamlessly. Lansweeper also makes it easy to track down the root cause of any issues identified so fixes can be applied. Finally, using all the new software reports, Lansweeper lets Ken and Matt track and authorize software installations and intercept potential cybersecurity risks.

Advanced Health Services will donate its $500 charity voucher to the Idaho Food Bank. Ken and Matt regularly provide SysAdmin support for the Delta Dental of Idaho community outreach teams which includes support to the Idaho Food Bank mobile pantry, backpack, and community school pantries, and services to the elderly population. Advanced Health Services also receives a 1-year premium license to Fing, Lansweeper merchandise, and a digital IT Hero 2023 certificate.

2nd Place: The IT Team at the Crawford County R-2 School District

Crawford County R2 scaled 1 1

Crawford County R-II Schools, Home of the Wildcats, consists of the Cuba Elementary, Middle, and High Schools in Cuba, MO. They strive to provide quality education and support for students of all ages to help them develop academically and as a person to set them on the road to lifelong success.

Jacob Rumans and Jordan McAfee support a network of over 2000 devices for 1500 users and are proud to say they have kept up their streak of same-day ticket completion for a year now. “Lansweeper is our third tech that has all the information to make our jobs easier,” Jacob says. Since port and punch panels aren’t labeled, the team uses Lansweeper to tell them where devices are plugged in.

For this 2-man team, Lansweeper is an essential part of day-to-day operations. It is like a third team member supporting the network. It shows older units needing replacing, printers needing toner, which devices are plugged into which switch, and a million other little things that help the team keep everything running smoothly. This year a big push was made for security, where Lansweeper helped to locate out-of-date devices and software and push updates where needed. At the end of it all, the data is neatly charted to provide the board report with visuals.

They receive a 1-year premium license to Fing, Lansweeper Merchandise, and a digital IT Hero 2023 certificate.

1st Place: The IT team at Democo Group

IT Team Democo Group 1

Democo Group, based in Hasselt, Belgium, combines the expertise of 8 specialized construction companies to deliver their projects from start to finish. Since 1977 they have been dedicated to sustainability and innovation in their construction and renovation projects.

The IT team at Democo struggled with support inefficiencies and manual asset management processes. Their thousands of assets are spread far and wide across various locations. They turned to Lansweeper, hoping to improve their IT operations and customer satisfaction. And Lansweeper delivered. “By leveraging Lansweeper’s comprehensive scanning capabilities and centralized asset management database, we experienced a significant reduction in ticket resolution time,” John Louwet, Senior System Engineer, told us. Customer satisfaction scores skyrocketed, as did the team’s reputation as a reliable and responsive support service.

Lansweeper’s holistic view of the organization’s IT estate gives the team insights into various devices, including IoT assets. They can now make informed decisions and optimize resource allocation without manual data entry, saving time and effort. Now that they are connected to the cloud, Lansweeper is also helping to track vulnerabilities and close potential security gaps. Lansweeper revolutionized support operations by empowering agents to deliver faster and better assistance.

The IT team at Democo is donating their $1500 charity voucher to the Kinderkankerfonds, which provides psychological support, improved medical care, and inspiration and hope to children stricken by cancer and their families. Like the other winners, the team receives a 1-year Fing premium license, Lansweeper Merchandise, and an IT Hero 2023 digital certificate.

Learn more about our SysAdmin Day Awards, and consider submitting an entry next year!


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