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Customer Story

The Chamber of Commerce’s View on the Big Picture

3 min. read
By Nils Macharis

“Lansweeper has become the number one solution in our IT department”

Klaus Hillebrands, IT Manager, Chamber of Commerce of North Rhine-Westphalia. Software is a valuable company asset. It needs to be managed efficiently to avoid both legal and ethical predicaments down the line. Identifying all software assets on the network is a crucial part of both internal and external audits. The Chamber of Commerce of North Rhine Westphalia, Germany uses Lansweeper to reliably gather such intelligence. The Chamber of Commerce of North Rhine-Westphalia is a member of the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry, representing more than three million entrepreneurs and commercial companies throughout Germany. The association speaks on behalf of organizations of all sizes and from all sectors, from the independent shop owner down the street to the international automotive group. For over 150 years, it has been the commitment of the Chambers of Commerce to ensure framework conditions which promote growth and prosperity: to freedom and competition, to open markets, to a stable currency, to proper education and reliable IT infrastructure.

Elaborate Reporting

“We are part of a network with 79 other Chambers of Commerce in Germany”, said IT Manager Klaus Hillebrands. “At our four locations, we manage about 1,400 devices, ranging from servers and workstations to routers and printers.” The IT team relies on Lansweeper to keep track of those assets from different points of view: hardware, software and life cycle. “Initially, we needed an informational overview of our networked devices and license counts for auditing purposes”, Hillebrands explained. “The biggest challenge for us was reporting on Microsoft license audits. If you have an enterprise agreement with Microsoft, you have to report the license count every year.” Lansweeper easily provides all the necessary information for these license audits. On top of that, the organization submits to an annual, voluntary Microsoft software audit. Hillebrands: “It only takes about a day to cross-reference the calculations of the auditor with the counts we get through Lansweeper.” Over the years, the IT Asset Management tool has proved to be a very convenient source of information, simplifying all kinds of day-to-day tasks. “Lansweeper has become the number one solution in our IT department”, said Hillebrands. From user login details, to network topology information, nothing is out of reach. “The software is rock stable, easy to use and holds lots of information accessible through an easy-to-use reporting tool.”


Lansweeper offers the Chamber of Commerce of North Rhine-Westphalia an easy way to solve problems without any on-site intervention. Lansweeper only needed a modest investment, but still, the software allows the IT team to save a lot of time. Thanks to Lansweeper, not every incident needs an onsite intervention by the team. Moreover, the employee that was affected by the incident can get back to work faster as well. The network software allows the current team to better manage the fast-growing IT environment. As more and more devices connect to the network, Lansweeper has become an indispensable tool to handle that expansion and stay on top of things. Curious what it can do in your network? Start your free Lansweeper trial today and discover how valuable it can be for your IT.

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