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Customer Story

Quick Wins & Crystal-clear IT Insights for Brothers of Charity

3 min. read
By Nils Macharis

14,000 employees, approximately 80 separate institutions and 40,000 customers of all ages: the Belgian chapter of the Brothers of Charity nonprofit has plenty of IT work cut out for them. The charity’s central ICT services department now uses Lansweeper to win time and costs for a wide range of services, from IT Asset Management to problem-solving and reporting.

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Before Lansweeper: “Managing our software, IT assets and risks took a huge chunk of our time”

Frank de Bree, Central ICT services department head at Brothers of Charity, vividly remembers life before Lansweeper. “Before we discovered the solution, we were using our own custom program. This meant performing almost every IT asset management task manually for thousands of devices used in facilities spread across multiple cities.”

His team had to spend approximately half of their time manually tracking assets and performing inventory activities – a grueling, thankless task, as the IT asset landscape is under constant flux. “Even if we had the asset data, if it wasn’t visible, it was overlooked,” Frank explains.

Providing a Real-time, Network-wide Overview

Frank’s predecessor discovered Lansweeper, and a Microsoft license reporting initiative prompted the IT team to implement it while keeping their custom solution in place.

“There was a significant difference between the two. Unlike our previous program, Lansweeper scans every network event, change, and addition and makes every insight visible within 24 hours,” Frank continues. “Switching between device, server, and firewall is a piece of cake, and the team can easily see every different element organized in one location.”

He also appreciates the flexibility of Lansweeper’s built-in reports. “Different institutions require different reports, and it’s simple to adapt them to each location’s needs.”

Features That Win Time & Inform Decision Making

“The moment we get a call concerning a malfunctioning device, the first thing we do is comb the Lansweeper event logs to look for a possible cause,” asserts Massimo Heynderick, network administrator at Brothers of Charity. “The Lansweeper platform offers insights that change our problem-solving strategies and bring us quick wins.”

The platform’s IT Service Desk, which can be used internally or externally as a professional ticketing system that automatically ties in with real-time IT Network Inventory data, gives a boost to IT decision making. “The team provides regular incident reports to management and outstanding tickets are automatically forwarded to the department head.”

Lansweeper’s ease of use saves the IT team’s valuable time from a personnel perspective as well. “We recently hired new staff,” Frank states. “But there was no need to train them on how to use Lansweeper – it was completely intuitive.”

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