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Customer Story

How COBUS Systems Uses the Timly and Lansweeper Integration

3 min. read
By Clemence Segaud

In today’s hybrid workplace, effective asset management is essential for ensuring operational efficiency and maintaining competitive advantage. However, for Germany-based COBUS Systems, managing a wide range of corporate assets had always been a painstaking task. 

Excel-based spreadsheets were error-prone and tedious to keep up-to-date, and inaccurate IT asset data made solving IT issues challenging. The team was spending considerable time chasing down information, only to end up with outdated spreadsheets and poor asset tracking – not to mention compliance and security risks.

Lansweeper to the Rescue!

At the end of 2023, COBUS turned to the powerful integration between Lansweeper and Timly, an asset management solution, to streamline their IT asset management processes and create a single source of truth for all corporate asset data.

Timly enables businesses to centralize and automate the tracking and management of their assets, from IT equipment to furniture, tools, and machinery. This functionality is especially crucial in hybrid workplaces, where assets are spread across multiple locations. 

By providing a comprehensive 360° view of an organization’s valuable assets, organizations can enhance utilization, better adhere to regulations, and more efficiently manage the lifecycle of their assets.

The switch to Timly’s intuitive platform, coupled with Lansweeper’s automated IT asset inventory updates, transformed COBUS’s approach to asset management. By consolidating all corporate assets in one place, the integration empowers COBUS to maintain IT asset information alongside the rest of their asset data, while ensuring it’s always accurate and up-to-date.

More Time, Fewer Errors, Less Risk

The seamless connection between Timly and Lansweeper allows COBUS Systems to synchronize IT asset data with other corporate asset data, providing a single source of truth. With this data on-hand, COBUS can: 

  • Save Time: Automatic synchronization of IT asset inventory data eliminates manual data entry, enabling the team to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Reduce Errors: The elimination of spreadsheets significantly minimizes bottlenecks and the risk of errors, ensuring that asset data remains reliable and accurate.
  • Address Issues Faster: With real-time visibility into their IT assets, COBUS Systems can quickly identify and resolve potential issues, preventing disruptions and ensuring compliance.

The integration between Timly and Lansweeper has been a game-changer for Cobus, streamlining asset management processes and helping them stay on top of compliance and security. Having all their asset data in one place allows them to tackle issues faster, which improves productivity, while decreasing risk and costs.

“If detecting rogue devices, vulnerabilities and non-compliance issues before they become a problem can help you manage risk, you first have to eliminate the blind spots,” said Head of COBUS Systems, Dennis Werner. “The Lansweeper + Timly integration is the first step to delivering these outcomes.”

Read the full success story here

Stay tuned for more updates on how organizations like COBUS Systems are leveraging the Timly and Lansweeper integration to optimize their asset management and drive operational excellence.


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