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Windows Certificate Signature Algorithm Chart

Chart Operating System

Get an Overview of the Certificate Algorithms Used in Your Environment

Lansweeper scans certificates from your Windows devices by default including information such as the name, issuer, start date, expiration date, certificate algorithm, and more. The certificate algorithm lists what type of cryptography method is used with your certificate. Quite important at times since some of the older methods are now outdated and not deemed safe anymore. You can find more reports for certificates in the Certificates Pro Tips blog post. The report below provides you with an overview of which algorithms are used for the certificates found in your IT environment.
To use this in a chart widget, prefix the report name with “Chart:” and select it in the chart report widget found on a dashboard.
Certificate signature chart report

Windows Certificate Signature Algorithm Chart Query

select distinct SignatureAlgorithm,
count(Thumbprint) as Total
from tblCertificates
group by SignatureAlgorithm




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