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‘Chouffe’ Launch Keynote

Discover what’s new, our vision, and what’s next during our ‘Chouffe’ Launch Keynote.

Join us for an in-depth launch keynote where we introduce our latest Release. You’ll learn about:

  • Our Vision: Where We’re Going
  • Launch Highlights
  • Introducing Diagramming capabilities, Marketplace, and more
  • Feature Demonstration
Network Topology Diagram

“I wasted time building my network manually in Visio. The diagrams provided by Lansweeper are saving me a lot of time to understand and build my network, find my shadow switches, go up the links to see the connections, etc. If only I’d had them sooner!”

Enthusiastic Beta Tester


  • Marco de Monte


    VP Product Marketing

  • Daniel Galecki


    VP Product Management

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