What's New in Lansweeper

Our ‘Chouffe’ launch brings you the Marketplace, where you can easily access all of Lansweeper's ready-made integrations, a preview of the Diagrams feature for network topology & virtual environments, and several more minor improvements to the API, customized views, the OT scanner, and more.

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What's new?


Visualize asset relations with dynamically generated diagrams.


Easily access ready-made Lansweeper integrations.

Customizable Views

Create and share your own customized view of your data.

Diagrams -Preview-

Visualize Your IT Asset Data with Diagrams

The diagramming capabilities in Lansweeper enhance your experience of discovering and understanding the state of your inventory. Discover at a glance the relations between your assets with dynamically generated diagrams (network topologies, virtual environments) on top of your inventory. Introducing:


Find Your Integrations Directly in Lansweeper

We have steadily been increasing our supply of ready-made integrations so that you can funnel your Lansweeper data into your favorite IT tools. With Marketplace, you can now do this straight from Lansweeper. Browse through our catalog of seamless, pre-made integrations and quickly select the ones you need to fuel any IT scenario with detailed asset data.

Customizable Views

Create Your Own Personalized Lansweeper Experience

Create, save, share and export your own customized views to personalize your Lansweeper experience. Save time and simplify your overview by selecting the fields you want to see and sorting them however you see fit. Customizable views allow you to quickly and easily create an overview of the information that is most relevant to you, without needing to rely on reports.


API Enhancements

Enhancements to the Lansweeper API

Several enhancements have been added to the API framework:

  • Asset relationships and installation info are now visible when you request asset information.
  • Monitor-type assets now show advanced monitor information.
  • Report information can now be accessed directly from the API.
  • The Asset Type List alerts you when a new asset with a new asset type is added to your site.
OT Enhancements

Enhancements to the Lansweeper OT Scanner

A whole new range of protocols was added to the OT scanner to give you even better insight into your OT estate. Improvements have been made to the rack configuration visualization, and the OT Data is now also available in the report builder, so you can more efficiently find the OT information you need.

Cloud Enhancements

Enhancements to Lansweeper Cloud

Several improvements were made to the Lansweeper Cloud, including:

  • The "Ignore" vulnerability capability allows you to ignore Risk Insights vulnerabilities that are irrelevant to you.
  • All export restrictions for views and reports have been lifted. You can now export as many results as many times as you want.
  • Custom field management has been improved to provide a smoother experience based on users’ feedback.
Classic Enhancements

Enhancements to Lansweeper Classic

The Chouffe Launch adds 2 more improvements to Lansweeper Classic. 18,000 new Entries have been added to the SNMP OID lookup list to facilitate accurate device identification. VMotion-related properties will now also be extracted when scanning VMware clusters or hosts. A new report "VMware: vMotion overview" has also been created to show this newly-scanned information.