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Cloud Asset Management

  • Simplify Cloud Management with Automated Cloud Scans
  • Get clear and up-to-date Reports on Your Cloud Inventory
  • Handle Your Resource Group and VPC Architecture
  • Boost your Cloud Asset Management
  • Use Direct Scan to Scan Even More Asset Data

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Why is Cloud Management Necessary?

Cloud management is the process of managing all cloud-based computing infrastructure and services of a company. This includes servers, storage units, software, workstations and more. Cloud environments are highly dynamic computing environments where changes happen quickly and frequently. Hence, without the correct tools, cloud management is a difficult and very time-consuming task. And if you cannot keep up, you will run into problems such as performance losses, unnecessary costs, security issues and high workloads.

Simplify Your Cloud Management with Cloud-Based Scanning

Automatically collect the cloud data you need with our cloud-based scanning feature. The scanned data is easily retrieved, visualized, and securely stored. You can use Lansweeper on AWS, Amazon Web Services, VPCs, Virtual Private Clouds, and your own individual servers. All their data will be collected and stored in one single system, accessible through a handy interface with asset pages that are easy to navigate. You can scan every device and group of devices hosted on hybrid or cloud-based server environments. And you can manage multiple cloud environments at once.

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Get Clear Overview of Your Cloud-based Inventory

Lansweeper’s reporting feature makes your cloud-based inventory management transparent and orderly. Our reports are built-in, but they can be customized to query the specific data you need. Just browse the report library and run the report you want to get an instant overview of. Whether it is security groups, virtual networks, network interfaces, or other cloud resources, Lansweeper can provide you with the overview you need.

Automatically Generate Complete and Reliable Cloud Documentation

All Lansweeper licenses now also come with a complementary Cloudockit license, that allows you to automatically generate accurate, editable architecture diagrams and technical documentation for your cloud environment. Cloudockit automatically scans your cloud infrastructures to obtain a full overview of your applications, resources, and the IT documentation related to them. By combining Cloudockit’s and Lansweeper’s technology, you can truly take control of your cloud environment.


Handle Your Resource Group and VPC Architecture

Lansweeper’s cloud management feature also has VPC and Resource Group pages. These show, on top of basic asset information, data on subnets, security groups and the virtual machines or instances that are part of the group. What’s more, you can find a complete overview from the region to the individual components on the IT dashboards. And there are widgets for both AWS and Azure.

Boost Your Cloud Asset Management with Easy Navigation

Cloud-based inventory management in Lansweeper’s user-friendly web console is quick and easy. You simply consult your assets in the assets tab, where all respective assets are hyperlinked. This makes navigation very straightforward and fast. For instance, your Microsoft Azure Resource Groups are hyperlinked and so are the virtual machines that belong to them. Each page automatically shows an up-to-date summary of your asset so that you do not need to look any further for the data you need.

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Use Direct Scan to Scan Even More Asset Data

Lansweeper’s cloud management feature allows you to retrieve a lot of information from AWS and Azure environments. For specific hard- and software information, however, you will need to scan the operating system itself. To gather detailed hardware, software, and user information from cloud assets, you can either install an additional scanning server in your cloud’s subnet, or you can install our LsAgent scanning agent. Your AWS or Azure information is then merged with the information scanned from the OS directly


Monitor AWS & Azure Cloud Resource Usage for Cost Optimization

As AWS and Azure-managed cloud services require you to pay for the resource capacity you use, it would be handy if you could monitor the usage of their resources to cut costs where needed. Lansweeper makes AWS cloud management and Azure cloud management more efficient and more cost-effective. With our performance counter scanning feature, you can accurately track the usage of cloud resources over time. You only need to define the frequency of your performance scans and Lansweeper will gather the data and visualize them for you in graphs. That way you can find peaks and drops in cloud resource usage and intervene where necessary.


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