IT Dashboard

Your IT Network in 1 Quick Overview

Lansweeper's dashboard offers you a convenient and customized overview of relevant informationabout your IT environment. The mass of information Lansweeper's scanning algorithm retrieves from your network can seem intimidating, but you can easily organize your key metrics and KPIs by dragging and dropping the desired widgets onto this page. Moreover, you can share your perfectly crafted dashboard with your colleagues across all IT divisions.

Visualize Your Data

Lansweeper offers many ways to organize and analyze the wide array of information it gathers about your network. On the dashboard, you can create a visual overview of the information that is relevant to you. A wide array of widgets are at your disposal to create charts, tables, summaries and much more. You can integrate external applications using the iframe window. Now you can go over everything you need to know, at one simple glance. Adding tabs helps to create structure and view the information that is relevant to you.

Share Your Dashboard

If you enable authentication for your Lansweeper web console, everyone who logs in can configure their own personal dashboard. However, if you have put a lot of time and effort in shaping the perfect information overview, you might want to share that with all of your colleagues. Lansweeper allows you to share any dashboard tab with other users, so everyone can benefit from the layout you set up. Global tabs can also be used to share important messages or updates across the network.

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