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Pro Tips

Looking at 2023

4 min. read
By Esben Dochy

Pro Tips with Esben #37

Unlike usual, this week I won’t cover a specific topic, instead, we will take a look back and forward to see what is coming up. Also, the preliminary results of the 2023 content survey.

For almost a year and a half, I’ve been creating Pro Tip blog posts with the goal of showing what you can do with Lansweeper with some extra time on your hands. Every 2 weeks, I publish this blog with a new topic. Today I wanted to show off the ones I’m most proud of and what will change with our technical content in 2023.

Greatest Hits

Below are the top 4 most-read pro tips since the beginning, covering a variety of technical topics and unique ways to use Lansweeper.

DCOM Hardening

Back in June 2021, in response to a Windows DCOM server security feature bypass vulnerability, Microsoft introduced DCOM Hardening. In this blog, we will take a look at how it can affect you and how you can prepare for the upcoming changes Microsoft will implement.

IP Address Management

From IP addresses to subnets and DNS/DHCP settings, Lansweeper has a lot of data that can be used for IP address management. While Lansweeper does not have a dedicated IPAM feature, with the detailed information Lansweeper has we can create reports, charts and more to do basic IP address management.

Deploying LsAgent with Intune

Our very own Sysadmin at Lansweeper approached me to use this platform to share how he uses Intune to deploy LsAgent in our own environment. If you’re starting out with Intune or haven’t used it yet for the deployment of LsAgent this should be of great value to you!


Arguably one of the most impactful changes when it comes to the user experience of modern IT devices is the widespread usage of Solid State Drives. Today we’ll take a look at how you can detect how widespread SSD usage is in your IT environment.

2023 Content Survey

We launched our content survey at the end of November to get feedback on the content we send out to you and ensure we send it in the right format via the right channels for you. I wanted to go over some of the preliminary results and changes we will be making thanks to your feedback! If you haven’t voiced your opinion yet, you can still do so until the new year by filling out our 2023 content survey.

Video & Written Content

You clearly voiced that when it comes to certain topics, you want an alternative method to consume them. Some people enjoy watching a video and others prefer to read a written version. You can expect us to increase the variety of content types in 2023 with a video version of Pro Tips in the planning!

Browser Updates

We regularly create reports when a new version of a major browser is released. Even though automatic updates for browsers have been a thing for a while, you let us know that you still find these important. Aside from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge reports will be coming in 2023!

Automatically Imported Reports

A few of you commented that you want all of the reports we publish in our report library to be automatically added to your Lansweeper on-premises installation. Obviously, I will forward this feedback to our product team, but one thing that will be coming in 2023 is more (if not all) reports will automatically available in Lansweeper Cloud without major delays.

We also received a lot of other product-related feedback, which we will be forwarded to the product team. With that I wish everyone happy holidays and you’ll see me again in 2023!


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