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Introducing Lansweeper Marketplace – Your One-Stop Shop for Integrations

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By Karen Lambrechts

In 2022, Lansweeper added tons of partner integrations that enable you to leverage complete and accurate technology asset data with other tools in your tech stack. These API-based integrations allow you to import Lansweeper into a variety of market-leading platforms to enable efficient ITAM, SAM, ITSM, Service Desk, Analytics, Cybersecurity and more. We now offer 25 integrations in total, giving you the flexibility to use Lansweeper data with your existing tools so you can tackle any IT scenario.

Cross Scenario

If you think that’s amazing, you’ll love this! We just introduced the Lansweeper Cloud Marketplace, available with our Winter Release! In the Marketplace, you gain quick and easy access to all of Lansweeper’s ready-made integrations. You have the opportunity to expand the value of your Lansweeper investment immediately, with just a few clicks. 

In-app access to your favorite integrations

Our ever-growing Marketplace is your one-stop shop for Lansweeper integrations. You’ll find links to tools and technologies that will help you tackle any IT scenario with the power of detailed, up-to-date Lansweeper data. Whether you’re interested in improving software asset management, service management, cybersecurity or synching data with your CMDB, we’ve got an integration that makes it simple and straightforward.

The following diagram shows all of the available integrations to date:

Configuration Market Place

To access the Marketplace, simply tap the Marketplace icon in left hand navigation menu within the Lansweeper app:

Lansweeper Marketplace screen

Notice that we’ve organized the integrations by category or you can search for a specific integration. 

Two of our latest integrations include JIRA and Fresh Service. These are great alternatives to Lansweeper’s built-in Help Desk capabilities. You can start using either service for free, and instantly import detailed inventory data from Lansweeper, so that when your agents are working on tickets, they can immediately see all of the information they need for the device in question.

Help us grow the Marketplace!

As news spreads about Lansweeper’s ability to integrate with a wide variety of IT tools and solutions, the Marketplace will continue to expand. If you have specific integrations you’d like to see added, let us know by clicking the orange Feedback button, and talk to your vendors about integrating with Lansweeper.

Want to learn what else is new in our Winter product launch? Watch this short video featuring Lansweeper’s Daniel Galecki, VP of Product Management and Marco de Monte, VP of Product Marketing, as they walk through all of the new features in Lansweeper and our product roadmap.

Check out Lansweeper Cloud Marketplace today! 


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