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Leveraging Customized Network Reports

3 min. read
By Nils Macharis
Guest post by Tom the Network Admin. Let me start by saying that am not an SQL programmer. I am not even close to being one. So, when I first found out about the report builder in Lansweeper, I was terrified. Every other report builder I had ever used was either picking up these columns or writing a full-blown SQL report, with very little customization outside of SQL. Then I needed to customize my first report. I needed to find all the users on Microsoft Office Pro and Standard, regardless of version. I found a report that showed all Microsoft software and did the edit report. I could easily choose all the fields I needed. Doing a quick google search, I found out how to do a “like” statement, and I had exactly what I needed. This simple report drove me to the forum page, where I found the “completed reports” section. And I reviewed the available reports in the program. As stated, I have a network with 700 plus endpoints. I can’t keep track of everything. Then something would happen, and I would find someone plugged something into the network that was interfering. I found the built-in report “New items found in last 7 days”. Did some minor modifications, and found out how to have that e-mailed to me every morning. Plus, I get the new computer list for the last 5 days every morning via an email alert. These help me to quickly keep track of what is new, or returning after a long hiatus, to my network. Keeping unwanted items to a minimum. The other report I get daily? Toner levels. No more surprises of, “I ran out of toner”. I can let people know that their printer will need new toner soon. The reporting features of Lansweeper are so simple, yet so powerful. They have really helped me keep things in line. Lansweeper contains hundreds of built-in reports to get you started. All built-in reports can be modified to better suit your needs. More importantly, you can build your own reports from scratch. If you haven’t already, download a free trial of Lansweeper and start analyzing your network the right way.

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About Tom

Tom-Backus-IT-Admin Tom Backus is a solo Sr. Network Admin in a manufacturing plant with 700 devices. Tom was personally sold to Lansweeper but he couldn’t get his company to agree. So he just paid for a Lansweeper license out of his own pocket. Needless to say, we refunded the full amount. 

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