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The 2020 Spring Release is LIVE! Here’s what’s new.

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By Nils Macharis

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our 2020 Spring Release! The Lansweeper 2020 Spring Release significantly expands Lansweeper’s discovery core and expands the depth of data retrieved for assets we already discovered.

What’s new?

⚡ Asset Radar: Instantly detect Assets the moment they connect to the network.

Lansweeper’s Asset Radar identifies Assets the moment they connect to the network, enabling complete coverage and eliminating blind spots across your IT environment. Gain a deeper understanding of the real-time asset activity on your network and tackle BYOD and Rogue Device challenges.

Learn more about Asset Radar

⚡ MIB Browser: Unlimited data on SNMP-enabled devices.

The Lansweeper MIB browser is an indispensable resource to manage SNMP-enabled network devices and applications. Easily walk any MIB tree and determine what MIBs a particular piece of hardware supports. Browse millions of precompiled, unique MIBs in our MIB Library or easily import your own custom SNMP-MIB files. Talking about unlimited data at your disposal.

Learn more about the MIB Browser

⚡ Silent Install: Increased scalability for large & complex environments.

Lansweeper can now be installed, uninstalled or updated entirely via Command Prompt (CMD). This can be done attended or unattended and is very powerful for setting up and managing large environments with multiple scanning servers in an automated way.

With powerful new features and tons of improvements, now’s a great time to Start Your Free Trial or to Update Your Installation and unlock all brand-new features.

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