SNMP MIB Browser

MIB Browser: Unlimited Data on SNMP-enabled Devices

The Lansweeper MIB browser is an indispensable resource to manage SNMP-enabled network devices and applications. Easily walk any MIB tree and determine what MIBs a particular piece of hardware supports. Browse and scan millions of precompiled, unique MIBs in our MIB Library or easily import your own custom SNMP-MIB files. Talking about unlimited data at your disposal.

Scan the Exact Data That You Need

Off the shelf, Lansweeper automatically retrieves a wide variety of information from SNMP-enabled network devices. However, each manufacturer offers specific so-called MIB files along with their network-enabled devices. To tackle this challenge, the MIB browser lets you import MIB files and walk the MIB tree to view all the data available. Easily search and view multiple MIB modules within your Lansweeper web console and perform a straightforward import for Custom OID Scanning. Tell Lansweeper what you want to know, for which asset and we’ll go get it on every SNMP-enabled device.

Browse Millions of MIBs

Don't have the MIB files for your devices on hand? Lansweeper's built-in MIB Browser scan is shipped with millions of precompiled, unique OIDs from hundreds of vendor's MIBs in one big library. Search through the OID Library to find OIDs for your devices and add them to an OID scanning target.

Without having to manually add a single thing, you can get detailed information unique to your specific SNMP-enabled devices. This way, you can easily do an MIB lookup.

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