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ITAM Insights

The Biggest Hurdle in SAM: Collecting IT Data

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By Nils Macharis

2020 ITAM Community Survey Report

Our SAM partner License Dashboard released its 2020 ITAM Community Survey report, which is aimed at understanding the challenges, requirements, and expectations of the IT Asset Management Community in 2020.

The survey, which engaged with IT Asset Management professionals across the globe, builds a picture of the real-life challenges the ITAM community is facing and gauges the top priorities for 2020. Over 150 organizations responded, with IT networks spanning from less than 100 devices up to over 10,000. The responses highlighted in this report provide some enlightening insights into the current state of IT Asset Management as well as charting the top concerns for the ITAM teams in organizations around the globe.


  • 49% of the respondents identified “Collecting IT Data” as the biggest challenge in Software Asset Management.
  • 59% of respondents have been audited by a software vendor in the last two years.
  • Over 80% of businesses still do not fully manage their Software Assets.

Collecting Accurate IT Data as the Main Challenge

⚡️ 49% of the respondents identified “Collecting IT Data” as the single biggest challenge in Software Asset Management.


“Having a clear view of exactly what is installed and being utilized across your IT estate ensures you have access to data that can be used to your business’ advantage. The intelligence any organization can add to their inventory data will shape their future IT plans and budget. Clear data puts you in a position to be prepared for end of life projects, contract renewals, OS migrations, ensuring your estate is fully protected through anti-virus and plan company-wide software and hardware product upgrades.”

If you aren’t aware of every software asset on your network, it’s impossible to know the precise purpose and location of the data your company has, or to guarantee its security.

With Lansweeper as the single source of truth on hardwaresoftware, and users on your IT network, you can rely on us to provide you with a complete & up-to-date IT Inventory to spearhead all network-related projects and decisions.

Software Audits: A Fact of Life

⚡️ 59% of respondents have been audited by a software vendor in the last two years.


This outcome shows that running an accurate software auditing solution for licensing compliance purposes is still essential. Internal and external audits often involve the identification of all software assets on the network. Even more, if you have enterprise agreements with software suppliers, knowing exactly how many licenses you have is a requirement for reporting.

Almost one in three organizations (31%) describe their approach to SAM as reactive, but it’s not only when audits are near you should actively invest in ITAM, as there are much broader business opportunities to seize. According to the survey, less than one in five organizations are currently benefiting from the rewards of an effective SAM program, representing millions of dollars in software overspend, inefficiency, time spent on manual tasks and risk of licensing non-compliance.

Complete Software Asset Management

⚡️ Over 80% of businesses still do not fully manage their Software Assets.

A fully effective and proactive Software Asset Management (SAM) program is proven to save fast-growing and large organizations a significant percentage of their software spend every year. An effective SAM program includes tracking the life cycle of each IT asset and software installed throughout its life cycle, ensuring that software licenses are optimized and users are profiled to ensure the right software is delivered in the most efficient manner.

Combining Lansweeper & License Dashboard’s License Manager

License Dashboard has partnered with Lansweeper to provide a full end-to-end IT Inventory and SAM technology platform. All the vital software and hardware inventory data discovered by Lansweeper links directly into License Dashboard’s License Manager and can be scheduled to collect data on any frequency. In License Dashboard you can establish your licensing position quickly as well as have a complete view of your IT estate for improved cybersecurity and procurement processes.

Lansweeper customers can take advantage of an exclusive offer for License Manager, designed to make Software Asset Management available to any organization.


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