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Combining Lansweeper & License Dashboard for Complete SAM

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Managing Software Licenses to Reduce IT Spend

Software drives business, and controlling this software is vital. Software Asset Management, or SAM, has become an integral part of improving IT processes. A complete SAM solution will save your organization both money on software licensing and time spent performing manual license management tasks. Your organization will also see a greatly reduced risk of a licensing non-compliance fine from a vendor audit. 

Combining Lansweeper & License Manager

License Dashboard and Lansweeper work together to provide a full end to end discovery solution and SAM technology platform. All the vital software and hardware inventory data discovered by Lansweeper links automatically into License Dashboard's License Manager SAM platform. Here you can establish your licensing position quickly and easily as well as having a complete view of your IT estate for improved cybersecurity and procurement processes.

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Combining License Dashboards' License Manager & Lansweeper for Complete Software Asset Management

Full Software Insight in Minutes, Not Months

License Manager automatically searches entitlement sources to check all items against the manufacturers' software catalogues and ensures licensing terms, including upgrades and maintenance, are associated with the necessary base licenses. This information is then reconciled against Lansweeper inventory data to establish an accurate software license position. What would take consultants and previous generation license management solutions weeks, if not months, License Manager can achieve in just a few minutes. Fifteen years of built up software dictionaries have enabled License Manager to hold all historic software records.

Data Center & Virtual Environment Visualization

The dedicated workspace inside License Manager creates a single pane of glass for managing both physical and virtual relationships. Using data taken from the Lansweeper discovery platform, License Manager provides an easy to understand visual of guest host clusters and data center relationships, as well as the impact of any mobility granted and the understanding of any affinity and anti-affinity rules.

Exclusive Offer for Lansweeper Users

License Dashboard has partnered with Lansweeper to provide a full end-to-end discovery and license management technology that covers all platforms. Lansweeper integrates directly into License Manager and can be scheduled to collect data on any frequency. Lansweeper customers can take advantage of an exclusive offer for License Manager, designed to make Software Asset Management available to any organization.

Add Full Software Asset Management to Your Lansweeper Platform

Discover Assets You Don't Even Know About & Eliminate Network Blind Spots.