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IT Heroes

IT Heroes in Action: Determined to Break Barriers and Set New Records

4 min. read
By Nils Macharis

Why nominees Erik Villalobos & Marcin Twardowski from Orbia Deserve to Be Named IT Hero of the Year 2021

Lansweeper proudly presents the story of Erik Villalobos & Marcin Twardowski from Orbia. These system administrators have the makings of true IT Heroes and deserve some recognition. Support these nominees by reading their stories and casting your vote before July 26!

Nominees: Erik Villalobos (Datacenter Manager) & Marcin Twardowski (Architecture Manager for Global Digital Workplace)
Organization: Orbia
Location: Mexico

What impact have Erik & Marcin demonstrated professionally and/or in the community to support this candidacy?

Cesar Diaz, Corporate Information Security Manager at Orbia, nominated the two colleagues. Why?

“Erik is one of the company’s most important IT discoveries of the last years,” Cesar says. “Starting in support, he pulled off important collaborations and achievements. Thanks to this he was promoted to manage one of the main data centers in the Americas. Erik succeeded at consolidating the operational team and achieved several objectives in a short time, such as upgrading some legacy systems and mitigating important vulnerabilities during a hard five-month program. He’s like Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt: determined to break barriers and set new records.” 

If you met Marcin, says Cesar, it would be easy to assume he’s a normal IT professional. But you would be wrong. “Just exchanging an email with him is enough to see all the experience and professionalism that he has,” Cesar explains. “In every project, Marcin gets involved in, he exceeds expectations, streamlines things, and meets deadlines – even with other projects to execute. I would like to know how he does it!”

How has Lansweeper helped in making that impact?

“Erik discovered that Lansweeper had some tools that could provide key information for the challenges we faced,” says Cesar. “Despite being in a new position he quickly adopted Lansweeper, along with his team. They use it as a reference tool to manage DC environments, including Nix systems. Erik’s currently completing the deployment of LsAgent in the DCs he’s in charge of.” 

Recently Marcin and his team took over the administration of Lansweeper. “The tool was first designed in the cybersecurity field,” Cesar explains. “But because of its versatility, it became an official workplace services tool. Then it moved several levels higher when the Poland team (as we know) took it and integrated it with other systems, incorporating LsAgent and the cloud relay feature as well.”

“Lansweeper could provide key information for the challenges we faced.”

Cesar Diaz, Corporate Information Security Manager, Orbia

What was the biggest challenge for Erik & Marcin so far in 2021?

Cesar explains why it has undoubtedly been a challenging year. “Because it’s the foundation for the next fives years. One of the biggest goals will be the global consolidation of DCs. Others include a more solid installed base in cloud environments, and certainly the adoption of the new work-from-home approach. However, I’m confident that Erik and Marcin, with their high skill levels, will be able to overcome the next challenges and complete these tasks in a meticulously planned way.”

About Orbia

Orbia is a purpose-led company. Our decades-long history began as a leading producer of commodities. Through investment and strategic growth, we’ve become a global leader in polymers, materials, and infrastructure. Operating in 41 countries, we are reinventing the future of cities and homes, reducing food and water scarcity, expanding access to healthcare with advanced materials, and connecting people around the world to global data infrastructure. Guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we look for creative ways to bring resources, cultures, and ideas together to promote sustainability and regenerative practices.

Orbia Mexico

Company name: Orbia
Founding date: 1953
Industry: Utilities
Country: Mexico
Number of employees: 22,000
Number of IT assets: 60,000

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