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IT Heroes

IT Hero in Action: Solving Server Failures for Whole Communities

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By Nils Macharis

Why Nominee Andrew Creamer Deserves to Be Named IT Hero of the Year 2021

Lansweeper proudly presents the story of Andrew Creamer from Gateway Community Service Board. These IT teams have what it takes to be called IT Heroes and deserve some recognition. Support this nominee by reading their story and casting your vote before July 26!

Nominee: Andrew Creamer
Function: System Administrator
Organization: Gateway Community Service Board
Location: USA

What impact has Andrew demonstrated professionally and/or in the community to support this candidacy?

Located in Brunswick, Georgia, the Gateway Community Service Board serves children, youth, adults, and families with mental illness, developmental disabilities and substance use disorders. A year ago, Andrew Creamer took over the network/system administration duties for the entire organization. “Before that,” he says, “I was pretty much handling the same job, just without the official title. I love my career and where I work. Our organization helps so many people in the communities we serve. It’s also a privilege to work with the other staff.”

How has Lansweeper helped in making that impact?

Andrew makes use of Lansweeper on a daily basis. “We use it for looking up assets like laptops and workstations throughout our organization. It provides us with critical data like current subnets, users logged in and tons more. It can also provide very good user information like recently changed and locked-out passwords. And it helps us find printers and any rogue equipment that may have been plugged into our environment.”

“Lansweeper helps us find any rogue equipment that may have been plugged into our environment.”

Andrew Creamer, Gateway Community Service Board

What was Andrew’s biggest challenge so far in 2021?

The facility suffered a massive data-center failure, Andrew explains. “We lost two primary battery backups that provided power to our entire server room. We already had a failing SAN (Storage Area Network), due to be upgraded the following week. But when it rains, it pours. I had to recover all of our servers one by one from a DR backup. I don’t want to have to do that again, although I am sure it won’t be the last time.

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About Gateway Community Service Board

Gateway Community Service Board is a community-based organization that serves eight counties in the US state of Georgia. It provides high-quality treatment and health services to individuals, families, and communities, supporting people to remain healthy and active. Their services include mental health counseling, peer support programs, homeless programs, and more.

Company name: Gateway Community Service Board
Founding date: 1993
Industry: Mental & developmental health services
Country: USA
Number of employees: 650+
Number of IT assets: 800+

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