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Customer Story

“The willingness to review the diverse reports is key.”

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By Lansweeper
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Customer Spotlight

Thomas Kisala, Technical Services Director at AaSys Group Specializing in the support of community banks, AaSys provides a broad spectrum of IT expertise as well as bank operations consulting services. The initial need for an all-round inventory and life-cycle solution guided them towards Lansweeper. With Lansweeper close at hand, AaSys monitors 70 individual networks with over 10,000 endpoints. “We manage all aspects of their network to varying degrees, based on the customer’s needs”, says Thomas Kisala, Technical Services Director at AaSys Group. “Day-to-day activities include patch management, health monitoring of network devices and Help Desk support. Monthly status reports serve as a basis for discussion of recommended changes, including projects to extend the customer’s IT-infrastructure. In addition, we assist our clients with budget planning by facilitating hard-and software life-cycle analysis.” lansweeper is endorsed in this quote

Comprehensive reports

Thomas indicates that Lansweeper’s reliability and thoroughness of data collection, in combination with the usefulness of both standard and customizable reports, provides the most added value for AaSys. “In order for certain software to run routine updates, the end users must be local administrators on their PCs”, Thomas continues. “This opens the possibility of unapproved software installation, which must be monitored. The reports that reflect software changes do an excellent job of tracking these changes.” The software change reporting was a pleasant surprise that exceeded the intended use of Lansweeper within AaSys, alongside the possibility of tracking anti-virus status which allows the IT staff to stay on top of potential issues.

Continual extension

Convinced of its added value, AaSys is directing any new clients towards Lansweeper, alongside converting existing customers who are currently using their previous inventory software. “I would definitely recommend the highlighted features”, says Thomas. “We are still reviewing the rest of the features to see what other ways Lansweeper can assist us in a way that we had not anticipated.” In order to get the most out of Lansweeper, Thomas indicates that “the willingness to review the diverse reports is key. Any IT professional is likely to find a report that they weren’t expecting to be in the software.”

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