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Lansweeper for Financial Services

Why IT Asset Management is Crucial for Financial Services Organizations

Lansweeper’s reliability and thoroughness of data collection, in combination with the usefulness of both standard and customizable reports, provides the most added value for AaSys.

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Thomas Kisala
Technical Services Director at AaSys Group

Pinpoint and Eliminate Vulnerabilities with Complete, Efficient IT Oversight

Financial services organizations must meet strict service-level agreements and security requirements to keep customer data secure across a variety of applications and services. Vulnerabilities in a financial institution’s IT infrastructure could be an invitation for malware or malicious attacks, putting organizations and their customers at risk. Ensuring all systems and devices are updated, secure and operational at all times is a critical priority.

Lansweeper automatically scans the entire IT environment, creating an accurate software and hardware asset inventory and providing full visibility across the IT estate. Data insights and detailed reporting help improve operational efficiency, save time and money on software updates, and minimize the risk and impact of malware and vulnerabilities.

Lansweeper is helping leading financial institutions manage their IT infrastructures effectively and efficiently, and ensure critical systems are operating at peak performance.

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