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Database Scanning Tool – 100% Free

Free Database Scanner

Discover, visualize, and understand database services effortlessly with our Database Scanner – powered by Lansweeper.
  • Database Detection
    Detect all databases and pull database properties like server name, OS, DB type, edition, version, status, and more.
  • Compatibility with Various Database Engines
    Supports Microsoft SQL Server, Linux Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, ElasticSearch, and MongoDB instances.
  • No Database Credentials Required
    Retrieve basic information without needing database credentials.

Gain exclusive early access to the Database Scanner functionality which is currently in preview mode.

Key Features

Fast & Lightweight Database Scanner

Lansweeper’s database scanner is a free and powerful tool designed to scan and analyze databases across your network. Easily scan across IP ranges to reveal all engines, instances, tables, and sizes. Use this data to plan migrations, assess risks, and enhance security.

Key Features

Detect Database Properties

Download and run the database scanner to instantly detect and gather essential DB properties across your network – including server name, operating system (OS), database type, edition, version, status, ports, and more.

Download now, for free

  • Free, Automated Database Scanning
    Simply specify the range of IP addresses to scan, select the database type, and receive detailed information about each database on your network.
  • No Credentials Needed
    Database presence detection enables you to collect detailed information about your databases without having to access the database engine directly.
  • Database Agnostic
    Compatible with SQL Server, Linux Server, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, Elastic, SQLite and MongoDB on Windows machines.

Step-by-step guide: Using the Database Scanner

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100% Free

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Step-by-step Walkthrough

How to Use Lansweeper’s Database Scanner

Access our step-by-step walkthrough to learn more about:

  • Key features included in the database scanner
  • Getting started with the database scanning tool
  • Easier, safer database management
  • Quick tips for getting the most out of the DB scanner
  • What is a database scanner? +

    A database is a software tool designed to automate scanning and analyzing databases on the network for various purposes, including security assessments, compliance checks, performance tuning, and inventory management. Without manual intervention, these tools can identify database instances, configurations, and potential vulnerabilities.

    Lansweeper’s free database scanner remotely detects the types of database services running on network systems. This tool offers insights into your organization’s or network environment’s database infrastructure.

  • What database properties does the DB scanner identify? +

    Swiftly identify key database properties, including:

    • Server Name
      Discover the hostnames or IP addresses of servers running the database services.
    • Operating System (OS)
      Determine the operating systems hosting the databases, providing insight into the underlying infrastructure.
    • Database Type
      Identify the types of databases present, such as Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, etc.
    • Edition
      Recognize the editions or variants of the database software, distinguishing between standard, enterprise, community, or other editions.
    • Version
      Capture the specific versions of the database software deployed across the network, aiding in vulnerability assessments and software management.
    • Status
      Determine the operational status of the databases, indicating whether they are online, offline, or in a particular state.