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From Visibility to Value: Elevating SAM with Lansweeper and Licenseware

In the dynamic realm of IT, where software assets play a pivotal role in operational success, mastering Software Asset Management (SAM) has become a non-negotiable activity for enterprise IT teams. SAM is essential for safeguarding and streamlining an organization’s software assets to drive efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure compliance – but it has to be done right.

This ebook explores the concept of SAM and how a seamless integration between Lansweeper and Licenseware can help to ensure that every software asset in an organization is discovered, analyzed, effectively managed, and compliant

In this E-book, we discuss:

  1. The Importance of Managing Software Assets
  2. Challenges of SAM’
  3. Lansweeper + Licenseware: A Powerful Combo
  4. Key Takeaways for Effective SAM

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