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Software License Tracking

How to keep track of software licenses?

The first step to software license tracking is 100% visibility of all your IT assets. Because you can only keep track of software licenses if you know exactly what devices are connected to your network. With Lansweeper you get automated hardware and software data discovery across your entire IT estate. Once you have discovered all the data, you can reliably keep track of software licenses and update where necessary. Track hardware, software and user information of every IT asset. This includes software license information such as the type of license, the number of licenses purchased, price per license, expiration dates, order details and more.


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Track Software License Keys

With all the data at your fingertips, you can use Lansweeper’s software license tracking system feature to prompt an overview of all your software licenses. You can also scan for specific license keys. Supported publishers include Microsoft, Adobe, and Autodesk. Keys and product IDs are retrieved from computers and can be found on their respective webpages or in the built-in product key reports. You can also build custom reports. In short, Lansweeper provides you with accurate software license tracking for faster and more efficient license key management.

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Track Software License Purchases

The configuration console facilitates software license compliance management of general software, SQL instances, and OS installations. You can submit single software packages for license compliance or group several together under one header. After indicating how many you own of each license item, Lansweeper will compare that data against scanned installation records to determine how many licenses are missing to help you with your software license compliance audits.

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Track Software License Pricing

Lansweeper can help predict the financial impact of maintaining software license compliance. With pricing information submitted for each license item, Lansweeper will calculate the cost of filling in any missing licenses for both individual license items and your network as a whole.

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Create Detailed License Reports for Audits

Reports on the compliance status of your network can be exported through the report builder. The builder also enables you to retrieve even more detailed information. Want to list only those licenses of which a certain number are in use? Or calculate the percentage of licenses used for each license item? You can achieve all of this through custom reports. With Lansweeper’s accurate scanning features, you can perform reliable software license compliance audits.


Get Reminded of License Renewals Automatically

Lansweeper’s built-in or custom reports are a great way to be automatically reminded of software licenses that are about to expire and need to be renewed. These reports really make software license tracking less tedious as you don’t need to manually look up the expiration dates of all your licenses. Reports can be scheduled to be sent to you through e-mail, but they can also be copied to a directory and exported as an Excel, CSV, or HTML file. You can find more information on e-mail alerts here.

Why Accurate Software License Tracking Reduces Risk

When you talk about software license compliance, it is important to remember why accurate software license tracking is vital for your company. Not knowing what devices are under or over-subscribed can result in unnecessary license costs, underutilized assets and unidentified liabilities. If, for example, you don’t know what users have access to a specific license, and the license vendor decides to hold an audit, a potential breach of the licensing agreements can cost your company a lot of money. A solid software license compliance policy should therefore always be in place

  • Discover different types of licenses
  • Reduce software license compliance risks
  • Calculate license costs automatically
  • Get reminded of license renewals

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Go Beyond Software License Management

Take a look at our integrations, to see how you can put Lansweeper’s IT Asset data to good use for more than just license management or compliance. Because Lansweeper is applicable to many different IT scenarios. And because of its highly accurate discovery and recognition capabilities, Lansweeper can also inform other business processes, like audits for Finance or even decision making at C-level. A good ITAM tool is invaluable to any IT professional.


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