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IP Scanner

Introducing a Fast and Advanced IP Scanner

Lansweeper’s advanced network scanner is a free IP scanner that can scan every device connected to your network without the need to install software on them. It offers a fully configurable and user-friendly interface, in which you can catalog and consult the detailed information from your scan. This is an indispensable tool for network administrators who want to manage their IT Inventory like professionals.

  • Scan IP Ranges Automatically or on Demand
  • Re-Discover an Entire Subnet with Just One Click
  • Exclude Devices Based on Type or IP Address
  • Import Your Entire Network Setup via a CSV File

IP Scan in Seconds for Swift IT Action

The unique discovery and recognition functionalities of Lansweeper make scanning IPs easier than ever before. You can get a complete and detailed overview of all the devices on your network in seconds. It does not matter where they are located, whether they are mobile, on-premises, or in the cloud, or how many there are. You can sort the results according to the type or IP address. Moreover, Lansweeper’s Advanced IP scanner can function completely automatically or on-demand. This gives network administrators the tools to have an always up-to-date overview of their IT environment.


Tailor IP Scanner Actions to Your Needs

With Lansweeper’s advanced IP scanner, you can gather relevant network information via WMI, SNMP, HTTP, FTP, SSH, and an array of other protocols. As a result, Lansweeper assists you in:

It also provides you with the option to execute built-in custom actions such as remote shutdown, Wake-On-Lan, and many others. You can also add your own actions or integrate other tools. This gives you the opportunity to tailor the scanner actions to your needs.

IP range scanning

Schedule a Complete Network Scan by IP Range

You are free to scan any IP addresses you want without limitation. You can split up subnets to customize their behavior individually. For example, you can choose when specific subnets are scanned, or what devices you want to ignore. You can also configure IP ranges that you’re looking to discover and specify a separate scanning schedule for each range. At the scheduled times, IP address range scanning adds the submitted ranges to your scanning queue. Thanks to the variety of configurable settings, customizable scanning requests are easy to set up.

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Delve into a Wealth of Information

Lansweeper’s advanced IP scanner is the perfect utility for clever network admins. Benefit from valuable data to optimize your IT environment and improve your network management. An extensive range of information and details are to be found in the Lansweeper web console for up to 100 devices in the free version. Detect internal IP addresses and hardware MAC addresses. Retrieve currently logged-on users, configured user accounts, register device uptimes, find NetBIOS information and so much more.


Profit from Agentless Asset Discovery

Keeping track of every IT asset is a difficult undertaking, especially when you haven’t discovered every asset on your network first. And installing a scanning agent on every device is too time-consuming. You don’t experience that problem with the Lansweeper advanced IP scanner, as it works with various agentless scanning methods, meaning you don’t need to download it on every device.


Instantly Results with Credential-free Device Recognition

Lansweeper values the security and confidentiality of your data and credentials. Everything is encrypted before it is added to your Lansweeper database and the database itself is also protected with a password that is automatically randomized to prevent unauthorized access. But passwords on devices can also slow the scanning process. Avoid having to manually input credentials into secured devices with the Credential-free Device Recognition of Lansweeper

Track Your Assets in Real Time

Our Passive Scanner, named Asset Radar, helps you to track and identify new assets the moment they are connected to your network. It is also IP range independent, which means you don’t need to configure an IP range and start a new scan in order to detect these new devices. The Asset Radar does that for you automatically and instantly, regardless of whether or not the device appears in a previously defined range. This allows for real-time IT management and swift action. It is a feature that is particularly useful to identify unknown or rogue devices or to future-proof your network for new trends like BYOD.

  • What is Lansweeper’s advanced IP scanner? +

    Lansweeper’s Advanced IP Scanner is a professional scan tool that allows you to scan your entire network for devices in just a few seconds. It collects the hardware and software data from these devices and centralizes it in a user-friendly interface for 100% visibility. What’s more, the interface provides various (customizable) functionalities that support system administrators in managing their networks remotely.

  • Can Lansweeper’s advanced IP scanner scan Mac and Linux computers? +

    Lansweeper’s advanced IP scanner can IP scan Windows, Mac, Linux and other network devices. It is an easy way to discover assets you did not know were even connected to your network.

  • Is Lansweeper’s advanced IP scanner safe? +

    Lansweeper’s advanced IP scanner is 100% safe. The security and confidentiality of your credentials and scanned data in the free version is ensured through a series of strict safety measures and restrictions. For instance, your IP scanner download comes with a unique key that is used to encrypt and decrypt all the credentials stored in your Lansweeper database. Lansweeper can also provide Credential-free Device Recognition or CDR without any need for pre-configurations.


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