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Lansweeper adds Windows 10 support

2 min. read
By Lansweeper
Lansweeper version is now available for download. You can perform a free update of your existing installation by downloading this installer . The most important thing the update adds is support for Windows 10. You should now be able to install Lansweeper on Windows 10 without issue, as well as scan Windows 10 machines. Another addition in is a new asset/user action plugin for the latest Chrome releases. Below is a summary of some of the most important changes. A complete list of bug fixes, changes and additions can be found in this changelog. Have a question about this update? The Lansweeper support team can be reached at
  • Added: Windows 10 support.
  • Added: Replacement extension for the old Chrome plugin.
  • Added: OS end of life reports.
  • Added: Extra website version check on upgrade/install.
  • Added: Informative page for Error 500 issues.
  • Added: Support for .pcc file extension.
  • Changed: New HTTPS certificate with 2048 bit RSA encryption.
  • Changed: Updated Visual C++ installation from 2008 to 2012.
  • Changed: Smaller installer, required components are now downloaded when not installed.
  • Changed: Asset name when scanned device only has an IP address.
  • Changed: Increased the length of the values in tsysCustomNames.
  • Changed: Procedure of defining a scanned asset as ‘Unknown’.
  • Changed: IP rescan priority.
  • Changed: Add alias for HDD model in built-in reports.

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