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End of Support for LsRemote

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By Nils Macharis

At Lansweeper, we strive to provide the latest, most performant, and the utmost secure technologies for our software. To continue offering secure technologies, we have decided to officially end support for the LsRemote Remote Control Action. The tool has been removed as a resource from our website entirely.

Remote Control or LsRemote was an action you could run from a Windows computer’s Lansweeper webpage and that allowed you to control the machine’s screen. Performing this action was particularly useful if you wanted to give remote support.

Why deprecate LsRemote?

We decided to phase out our LsRemote tool, which is based on UltraVNC, as several vulnerabilities were discovered in UltraVNC.

After an in-depth evaluation, we concluded that adapting LsRemote to meet the highest-possible security standards and latest technologies would equal a high impact on our development process. Therefore, we decided to focus our efforts on core Lansweeper scanning functionality instead.

What’s the alternative?

Lansweeper has a built-in Remote Desktop action based on MSTSC, but there are other Windows tools you can use as well.

If you’re already using other 3rd party remote control tools, you can evaluate if they meet the requirements to be added as a custom action within the Lansweeper Web Console.

If you were using the LsRemote action in Lansweeper, we advise you to remove the action via ConfigurationAsset Pages in the Lansweeper web console.

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