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An update and a recommendation

1 min. read
By Lansweeper
Lansweeper is now available for download. You can find the update here. Update instructions can be found on page 164 and beyond of our online documentation. This update mostly addresses minor bugs:
  • FIXED a bug that caused Active Directory users with certain special characters in their usernames not to be scanned properly.
  • FIXED an error that was generated on asset pages when certain warranty dates were manually entered.
  • FIXED a bug that caused LsPush files with invalid Unicode text not to be imported.
  • FIXED several minor displays issues.
For IIS Express users, we also have a recommendation: disable logging for improved performance. Do the following:
  • Launch services.msc.
  • Stop the IIS Express service.
  • Open Program Files (x86)LansweeperIISexpressiisexpress.config with a text editor.
  • Remove the lines below from the file, close and save. <add name="HttpLoggingModule" image="%IIS_BIN%loghttp.dll" /> <add name="HttpLoggingModule" lockItem="true" />
  • Restart the IIS Express service

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