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Get Set! We’re Taking Lansweeper to the Next Level

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By Nils Macharis

Prepare for the Future With Our Latest 7.2.106 Release

At Lansweeper, we strive to provide the latest, most performant, and the utmost secure technologies for our software. Our latest 7.2.106 release is here to help you get set for what’s coming in 2020, as we’re taking Lansweeper to the next level.

To allow us to leverage the newest technologies, prepare for what’s coming in 2020, and to further streamline our development process, we have decided to officially end support for the SQL Compact database provider in March 2020. As of March 2020, you’ll no longer be able to host the Lansweeper database using SQL Compact. We’ll be replacing SQL Compact with the more performant SQL LocalDB. The SQL Server database provider, which is also currently available, will remain.

To help you prepare for the future, the latest 7.2.106 update will automatically convert your SQL Compact database to the new SQL LocalDB database provider. New installations can still be performed under SQL Compact, but any existing SQL Compact installations are automatically converted to SQL LocalDB when updated.

The preferred option to host your Lansweeper database under SQL Server will remain intact. To get ahead of the curve, we would recommend already moving your SQL Compact installation to SQL Server. SQL Server has multiple advantages over SQL Compact, such as better performance and more database capacity. Additionally, it allows multiple scanning servers to be used if your license allows it and allows for your Lansweeper installation to be spread over multiple servers.

Why Replace SQL Compact?

We wanted a new lightweight database server to replace SQL Compact, one that doesn’t require a manual install by the customer. Additionally, SQL Compact has a limited database size and limited performance in large networks.

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What’s Coming in 2020?

We are taking Lansweeper to the next level by introducing many new and improved enterprise-level features together with a complete overhaul of the classic Lansweeper interface. Get ready for an IT Asset System of Record built for the future.

Lansweeper will launch a cloud-hosted solution that takes in data from your on-premise Lansweeper installations. Both are securely connected, and assets are pushed into your encrypted vault. Receive instant added-value through enterprise-level functionalities.

LEC Overview

Aggregated Data Across All Instances

Are you running multiple Lansweeper installations? Lansweeper can bring any number of installations together into a single pane of glass.

Asset-Level Access

You’ll be in full control of who can manage which assets. We’re introducing a multilayered role and group-based permission system that puts you in complete control of your IT Asset System of Record.

Accessible from Everywhere

As you’ll be up in the cloud, you can access the data and interface from anywhere. Say goodbye to VPN configurations in order to access your Lansweeper instance.

Intuitive Reporting

Build reports faster and more intuitively than ever. A new user-friendly builder streamlines the advanced reporting Lansweeper is known for. New visualizations will help you bring the data to life and make analysis a breeze.

Want to know more about where we’re heading in 2020? You can access the on-demand webinar of our first Customer Advisory Meetup. During the meetup, we discussed the 2019 Fall Release, talked about future initiatives, and held a live Q&A with a bunch of interesting questions.

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Get ready for an IT Asset System of Record built for the future.

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