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Installing Lansweeper: End of Support for SQL Compact

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By Nils Macharis
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At Lansweeper, we want to use the latest, most performant, and the most secure technologies for our software. That’s why starting March 2020, we will no longer support installing the Lansweeper database under SQL Compact.

To allow us to leverage the newest technologies and to further streamline our development process, we have decided to officially end support for the SQL Compact database provider in March 2020. You will no longer be able to host the Lansweeper database on an SQL Compact database server. The SQL Server database provider, which is also currently available, will remain. To replace SQL Compact we will be adding a new database provider, the SQL Server-based LocalDB option. This database provider is already experimentally part of the Lansweeper installer starting with version 7.2.100.

To get ahead of the curve, we would recommend already moving your SQL Compact installation to SQL Server.SQL Server has multiple advantages over SQL Compact, such as better performance and more database capacity. Additionally, it allows multiple scanning servers to be used if your license allows it and allows for your Lansweeper installation to be spread over multiple servers. You can find several helpful resources and instructions for migrating below.

A SQL Server Instance Needs to be Installed

This Microsoft guide details how SQL Server can be installed. In most cases, if you’re moving from SQL Compact you can opt for the free Express edition.

Supported SQL Server Versions

You can find a list of supported SQL Server versions in our knowledge base article on compatible database servers for hosting the Lansweeper database. We recommend using the latest version since we end the support of the SQL Compact.

Configuring Your SQL Server Instance

You can use our step-by-step guide on configuring your SQL server instance.

Make sure your SQL instance is configured for mixed (Windows and SQL) authentication, as the Lansweeper service and web console will use a SQL user called lansweeperuser to connect to the database. You can enable mixed authentication in SQL Server Management Studio.

Migrating Your Database from SQL Compact to SQL Server

We have a step-by-step guide available on how to move your database from SQL Compact to SQL Server.


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