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Do Audits Inspire Fear?

3 min. read
By Nils Macharis

When it comes to IT practices, a ‘close enough’ mentality risks more than performance – it can lead to much more serious issues. The ratification of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has brought compliance to the forefront of every IT leader’s mind – not just in Europe, but across the globe. Centralized IT asset management can simplify compliance processes. Get the details in our free white paper.

You Can’t Protect What You Don’t Know You Have

If you aren’t aware of every asset on your network, it’s impossible to know the precise purpose and location of the data your company has, or to guarantee its security.

Because it offers your business a detailed assessment of every device on your network, centralized IT Asset Management is an important driver of compliance – not just with laws and regulations, but also with the stipulations of software licenses. Audits are more or less a fact of life for businesses active in every industry. Ensure that this process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible – and boost your outcomes – using detailed insights generated by a centralized IT Asset System of Record.

Take Some of the Hassle from Audits

Never discount the value of your software – and the necessity of managing it effectively. Gartner estimates that companies that fail to integrate use and inventory software data overbuy software licenses for 60% of their portfolio and are non-compliant on 30%. Add to that the fact that almost half of all companies only track software assets on a project-by-project basis (rather than holistically), and the potential for blind spots and waste is significant.

Internal and external audits often involve the identification of all software assets on the network. Even more, if you have enterprise agreements with software suppliers, knowing exactly how many licenses you have is a requirement for reporting. If you’re missing licenses, this information can also help you predict the costs of becoming fully compliant.

On the flip side, locating unauthorized software installs quickly can help you maintain the security of your assets and avoid downtime and audit hiccups.

Streamline Reporting Processes

Organized data is data that can be put to work for your business. Flexible reporting is an essential element of any IT Management approach. However, in order for them to be effective decision-making tools, it is essential for reports to be based on real, accurate, current visibility into the state of your network. Reports based on inaccurate, siloed, irrelevant data aren’t just useless – they can lead to poor decisions.

Whether you’re in need of network-wide information about installs, device specifics or data security, Lansweeper has a report that can make finding this information as simple as possible. The result? Faster audits, fewer issues, and personnel that can dedicate their time to value-adding tasks.


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