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The Lansweeper SysAdmin Awards are here!

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By Lansweeper
sys admin awards 2017 blog
Hi! My name is Bart and I’m the lead SysAdmin at Lansweeper. I would like you to join me in celebrating the most epic day of the year: SysAdmin Day! As we’re on approaching of the official festivities on Friday the 28th of July, the Lansweeper team would like to honor the greatest SysAdmins by handing out our own prestigious awards. Besides eternal glory & respect, we’ll give away three $500 AMAZON GIFT CARDS to the best entry in each category. Check out the Award Categories below and pick your favorite(s). sysadming awards prize given by Lansweeper


Funniest Asset/User Relation

Most Unique Asset

Rarest Help Desk 

Ticket Type

‘It’s complicated’? ‘Never, ever getting back together with that old laptop’? ‘Recently divorced’? Make it Lansweeper official. A space shuttle? A pool table? The company BBQ? A smart fridge? The lawnmower? The sky is the limit with this one! ‘Is it plugged in?’ or ‘Try again when sober’ are just a few examples of ticket types you don’t want your users to see.
Enter The Funniest Relation Here Enter The Most Unique Asset Here Enter The Rarest Ticket Here
The winners will be personally contacted & announced on SysAdmin Day, July 28th, 2017. View our Terms & Conditions. NOTE: This contest has ended

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