Terms of Use

Current (from September 4th, 2019)


Announcement: Updated Terms

As we're making some changes to build a better product and in support of upcoming releases, product updates, and imminent features, we need to update our Terms of Use. These new features require us to update our Terms of Use, that govern your use of the Lansweeper products and services, in addition we have clarified and changed some general provisions of the Terms of Use.

These updated Terms of Use will become effective 4 September 2019 and will apply to your continued use of the Lansweeper products and services as of that date.


For your convenience, we have listed the most meaningful changes to the Terms of Use:

  • We have updated the heading of the Terms of Use to clarify the roles of parties and third parties.
  • We have added relevant definitions considering the provided updates below. Most notably: these terms now generally deal with the "Product" (rather than the 'Software'), which consists of the Software, Cloud Services and related services (such as support).
  • We have overhauled the order and structure of the terms, to make them better understandable and allow for incorporation of new clauses that are required by new product & services features (see below). Most notably, we now have separate clauses that make a clear distinction between:
    • Subscriptions Plans for the Product (Art. 1 Subscription Plans)
    • License provision, for the Software part of the Product (Art. 2 Software License)
    • Cloud use authorisation, for the Cloud Services part of the Product (Art. 3 Cloud Services)
  • To better reflect our licensing model, incorporating the new Cloud Services, we have updated the Term & Termination clause, to provide:
    • That the Terms of Use are now entered into for an indefinite duration between Licensee and Lansweeper
    • Within the context of the Terms of Use, Licensee can subscribe to Subscription Plans of different Plan Durations
    • We have clarified and added some termination for cause triggers and consequences of termination.
  • We have updated the provision relating the payment (old article 2, new article 6) to better reflect the above changes and we now detail how orders for the Product can be placed, besides some other general clarifications.
  • We have updated and centralized both our general obligations under the Terms in separate clauses (new articles 7 & 8).
  • We have amended the privacy clause to reflect the new cloud services provided by Lansweeper, including our Data Processing Agreement (DPA) that is now incorporated into the Terms by reference.
  • We have included a new Article 11 (Licensee Content), in order to clarify your ownership of your content and our use thereof within a cloud and related services environment. We also provide that your content may be consolidated in Aggregate Data, which you shall own, but we can use for different purposes.
  • We have added some boiler plate clauses:
    • Dealing with unforeseeable circumstances: Force Majeure
    • Entire agreement: The terms are the entire agreement related to the product between you and use
    • Languages & translations: of the terms

For a complete overview of all changes, please refer to the updated Terms of Use.

Effective date

These updated Terms of Use will become effective 4 September 2019 and will apply to your continued use of the Lansweeper products and services as of that date.


As per Article 14 (Amendments) of the current 'old' Terms of Use (v1.0), you don't have to undertake anything to accept the updated Terms of Use (v1.1). You may however notify Us within fifteen (15) days of our notice, that we provided via e-mail and notices on our website, of the modifications that You do not agree with such changes.
This means that you have until 4 September 2019, to provide us with such notification. In that case we may permit You to continue your use of our products and services under the prior version of the Terms of Use until your next subscription expiration or renewal date. After such date, if you want to continue to use the Lansweeper products and services, you will have to accede to the then current Terms of Use (v1.1).