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IT Heroes

IT Heroes in Action: An IT Solution That Helped Administer Vaccines

3 min. read
By Nils Macharis

Why the IT Team at Kernel Medical Deserves to Be Named IT Hero of the Year 2021

Lansweeper proudly presents the story of the Kern Medical IT Team from Kern Medical. This IT team has what it takes to be recognized as a true IT hero of the sysadmin community. Support this nominee by reading their story and casting your vote before July 26!

Nominee: Kern Medical IT Team
Organization: Kern County Medical Center
Location: United States

What impact has the Kern Medical IT Team demonstrated professionally and/or in the community to support this candidacy?

The Kern Medical IT Team was able to mobilize a solution for the health system team to administer vaccines to their agricultural and underserved communities. Those include a large number of homeless, uninsured, and undocumented people. “We take in everyone. We don’t say no,” explains Craig Witmer, Chief Technology Officer at Kern Medical. Craig nominated the IT Team for its excellent support of the hospital’s Covid-19 vaccination program. Concretely, their solution allowed the clinical team to apply their hospital workflow for vaccine administration to any location that wanted to receive vaccinations. Numerous schools, homeless shelters, and other locations throughout the county were serviced because of their work.

How has Lansweeper helped in making that impact?

“Lansweeper is invaluable,” says Craig. “It keeps track of all our IT assets: laptops, printers, and thousands of medical devices that capture valuable patient data. It enables us to see if devices are properly connected to the network, have the necessary software, or have performance issues.” He mentions that Lansweeper also tracks missing assets, and feeds into the ticketing system for reporting issues.

“Lansweeper is invaluable. It keeps track of thousands of medical devices that capture valuable patient data.”

Craig Witmer, Kern Medical

What was the team’s biggest challenge so far in 2021?

“Getting people vaccinated,” Craig answers. “Many people in the region are fearful, or they lack medical insurance or transportation.” The team created and managed a solution that enabled medical staff to take vaccination out into the community, equipped with iPads, laptops, and printers. “A mobile link provided the same connection, environment, and technology as in the hospital.” This allowed the vaccination team to work faster and more efficiently with fewer mistakes – ultimately saving more lives.

About Kern Medical

Kern Medical, located in Bakersfield, California, has roots going back to 1867. Today, they are an acute care teaching center with 222 beds and 12 clinic locations, offering the only advanced trauma care between Fresno and Los Angeles. Kern Medical offers a range of primary, specialty, and multi-specialty services including high-risk pregnancy care, inpatient psychiatric services integrated with county mental health programs, and a growing network of outpatient clinics providing personalized patient-centered wellness care.

Kern Medical scaled 1

Company name: Kern Medical
Founding date: 1867
Industry: Healthcare
Country: United States
Number of employees: 2,200 + 600 associates
Number of IT assets: 5,760

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