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IT Heroes

IT Heroes in Action: We had to Manage, so We Have

2 min. read
By Nils Macharis

Nominee: The Envoy Technical Services Team
Organization: Envoy Group
Industry: Finance, Venture Capital
Country: United Kingdom

What impact has your nominee demonstrated professionally and in the community to support this candidacy?

In April 2019, our business split in 2. 21 companies came with us, 20 companies stayed with the original parent company. At this time, there were two experienced helpdesk guys, a new helpdesk guy (me), no infrastructure guys, two developers, and a business analyst in Technical Services. We had to maintain a service for 500+ users, all while setting up our new environment, MPLS, network and server infrastructure, data migrations, and eventually, domain-migrate all the users over.

Here we are, over a year later, we have only a handful of users left to migrate, have 2 new infrastructure guys, 2 new developers, and another 2 helpdesk guys. Service has not just been maintained, but exceeded all expectations. Given what we’re going through, the users didn’t even release the scale of the task we had ahead of us, they just assumed business as usual. We won!

How has Lansweeper helped in making that impact?

Being able to manage the hardware estate, Lansweeper has been essential to allow us to audit every machine on the network. It’s made not just supporting the users easier, but planning various projects and tasks to be done.

What has been your biggest challenge so far in 2020?

Being consistent, we have some huge projects as part of our separation that has huge potential to impact users. However, we manage, we have acquired several new businesses during this time, we manage, COVID-19 turns up, everyone wants to work from home, we manage. The show must go on. Did we slow down or stop our domain migration because of the Pandemic? No, we had to manage, so we have.

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