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IT Hero in Action: Hit the Ground Running

3 min. read
By Nils Macharis

Episode 2: New Job, Same Awesome ITAM Software

My first experience with Lansweeper was at my previous job.  We often used it to track assets that were currently on our network and enforce lease rules involving proper disposal of assets after the lease replacement had been sent.  Through use and exploration, I learned that it was capable of much more than I had originally believed but wasn’t able to use it to it’s fullest potential as I wasn’t in charge of administering it and had no say over what was exposed to the helpdesk I currently worked at.

Fast forward two years and I started my current role as a network administrator for a medium-sized company with 5 sites inside and outside of the U.S.A.  This is a position that I had been looking to get into for at least a year and I was ready to hit the ground running and make an impact.  I noticed right away that our asset tracking wasn’t up to snuff and decided to take the initiative to do something about it.

Building a Network Inventory from Scratch

I tried a few other scanners but nothing had the depth or access that I wanted without installing a client on the over 1200 PCs and laptops that we have deployed. And that’s to say nothing about the Cisco switches and routers that many simply can’t scan.  That’s when I remembered Lansweeper and how useful it had been in my previous position.  In less than 10 minutes I was able to set up a Lansweeper server and it was scanning away with the only intervention required from me being providing credentials for AD and SNMP scanning. 

The scan ran overnight and when I returned the next day we had a mostly populated list and more information than we could’ve dreamed of from any other software and that was all without so much as configuring a single client on any systems.

Adding a few IP ranges grabbed the rest and it could not have been easier to set up with such an intuitive interface and well-documented procedures provided by the Lansweeper team.  The depth of knowledge available from the program along with the easy reporting and SQL backend has impressed my IT director greatly and we are in the process of likely switching to the Lansweeper Helpdesk as well given the functionality and ease of management of the included helpdesk features.

I look forward to years of watching this product evolve and solve more and more complicated IT problems with simple easy to implement solutions. If you haven’t already, download a free trial of Lansweeper, and see what it can do in your network environment.

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