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IT Heroes

IT Hero in Action: Building a Functional Intranet

3 min. read
By Nils Macharis

Nominee: Meghan L.
Company: Bricker & Eckler
Industry: Law Practice
Country: USA

What impact has your nominee demonstrated professionally and in the community to support this candidacy?

Meghan has single-handedly introduced positive, radical change within our user-facing environment. She has built out our company’s intranet so that it is not just information, but functional. Sure, our Intranet page started like any other. We had a directory, a place for firm-wide news articles. However, she quickly saw the potential and power of the tools we had and began putting it to work for us.

Within a year, she has tied into our data sources so that users can pull up documents from our DMS, practice groups (we are a legal firm) have their discussion boards, and attorneys have their own dashboards that show current billing hours, recent projects, and more pertinent information so that they can pick up where they left off and continue throughout their day.

Meghan also worked with our finance department to help them go paperless, by providing financial information within dashboards. Using security, she can present that information to only those who need it. This information included such data as WIP, billable hours, and monthly targets. While it creates transparency on how well our attorneys are doing, it provided overall accountability to one another.

During COVID, Meghan was able to design a function to allow HR to identify which users were working in the office, and which are working from home, but locating the source IP address (we are a Citrix desktop firm, so we couldn’t use the IP of the “logged in” desktop, but rather needed the originating host IP). This allowed HR to monitor risk, and ensure business-related matters were handled appropriately.

Meghan is by far one of the best engineers I’ve worked with and is very deserving of our praise, appreciation, and thanks. She is a joy to work with, dedicated, motivated, and a true advocate for progression.

How has Lansweeper helped in making that impact?

Meghan has leveraged Lansweeper to generate reports to pull in data into the Intranet systems. She’s also leveraged API technology to obtain data from Lansweeper as well.

What has been your biggest challenge so far in 2020?

The biggest challenge has been the local devices when users work from home. Since they are not on LAN, and we don’t use a VPN at the moment, we cannot leverage package deployment.

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