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End Of Life

Are you prepared for Adobe Flash Player End of Life?

2 min. read
By Nils Macharis

Adobe Flash Player is End of Support on December 31, 2020

Adobe will no longer support Flash Player after December 31, 2020, and Adobe will block Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning January 12, 2021. In their latest update to Flash Player, Adobe is encouraging users to remove Flash Player from all systems and is intending to block Flash Player from playing content.

Adobe’s Flash Player app, a long-time staple of dynamic internet content and restaurant menus, is finally reaching the end of support. While it helped elevate websites to a more interactive medium, it has long been a source of vulnerabilities to endpoints, despite Adobe’s best efforts to mitigate risk through updates. As noted by Adobe in their End of Support for Flash Player announcement, avoiding this last update will not allow Flash content to continue to run; Adobe has built in a “time bomb” for several versions.

We have noted Flash Player’s role in the top Most Exploited Vulnerabilities in the past, but have encouraged updating to the latest versions. Now that the Flash Player End of Life has been reached, we encourage you to remove Flash Player from your entire IT Estate, regardless of version.

A survey of W3Techs states that only 2,3% of websites use Flash code. In comparison with their 28,5 % market share back in 2011, the use of Flash player has clearly collapsed. But it’s good cyber hygiene to do a final check if any computers on your network still have an overlooked Adobe Flash Player installed.

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Run our custom-coded report to see where Adobe Flash Player is still installed and find out if you’re vulnerable to exploitation. For the most accurate results, be sure to rescan your environment before running the report and after you’ve uninstalled Flash Player.


Will Adobe still support Flash Player?

Adobe isn’t going to issue Flash Player security updates or support updates after January 12, 2021. We advise you to run our report and uninstall all the Flash Player installations.

What does Flash Player End of Life mean?

Adobe will not issue any updates or security patches after the end of life date. Adobe will continue to display messages to encourage you to uninstall your Flash Player installations.


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